Unique ferry with solar power supply

Solar Yaw Ferry Pretzsch, Schmiedeberg (Saxony-Anhalt) on the Elbe

Solar modules from Solara to power a ferry across the Elbe. The solar modules & charge controller are used to charge the solar ferry's battery so that the electric motor can always be operated. A completely self-sufficient solar power supply for the ferry
Yaw ferry across the Elbe self-sufficient with solar modules from SOLARA

The Yaw Rope Ferry equipped with solar technology uses the current of the river. The solar ferry hangs from a long steel cable, which splits up right in front of the vehicle. One end of the rope is attached to the bow and the other to the stern of the solar ferry. The steel cable is anchored to shore to ensure that the fairway remains clear and is marked with a buoy for navigation. By altering the length between the cable ends, the angle of attack of the ferry on the current changes. The pressure of the incoming water pushes it towards the shore.


Today, the adjustment of the cable ends is carried out by a solar-powered motor. The SOLARA solar modules charge the batteries onboard so that electricity is always available for the motor. Besides that, the solar ferry does not need any other motor. The ferry is only powered by SOLARA electricity.