SOLARA donation for the raffle of the Camperstammtisch Kevelaer yields over € 1.000,-- for the Aktion St. Nicolaus e.V. for the help of handicapped children

Solar system for the raffle of the Camperstammtisch Kevelaer to generate electricity for motorhome, camper, mobilehome or van
The lucky winner of the SOLARA solar system. Photo: Camperstammtisch Kevelaer

It was December again the advent season was in full swing. For the Camperstammtisch Kevelaer, it was once over again Christmas regulars' table. After many companies were contacted this year, all members were very excited to see what the raffle would bring.


SOLARA also donated a prize this year. This time, the solar system should make one of the 48 campers present happy. Throughout the evening an impressive €1002.00 were collected, which were donated to the St. Nicolas campaign again this year.


All members of the Camperstammtisch Kevelaer know very well that without the great donation in kind, there would have been no chance to donate so much money to the association. The Camperstammtisch Kevelaer thanks you from the bottom of is the heart. Source: Camperstammtisch Kevelaer