SOLARA Solar panel | Art.-No. S50P36

SOLARA Solar panel S50P36 (12V/12Wp/50Wh/d)

Type S50P36
Daily output in summer in Germany (Wh/d) 50
Rated output (Pmpp) Wp 12
Short-circuit current (Isc) A 0,65
Open-circuit voltage (Uoc) V 22,72
Voltage (Umpp) 19,15
Current (Impp) A 0,61


SOLARA M-SERIES - Extremely flat, walkable and semi bendable



  • Stability and maximum heat dissipation due to aluminum-sandwich-plate
  • Thanks to innovative cell-chaining technique semi-flexible (up 3%) mountable
  • Walkable
  • Extremely resistant protective Nowoflon film on front and back
  • Particularly flat and glued screwed cable outlet with strain relief
  • Well known since 20 years
  • Already prepared cable gland in the carrier plate


Long lifetime even under extreme conditions

  • Extremely high yields through the use of crystalline high performance cells
  • Maximum daily yield by additional single cells
  • Powerful low-light performance – High yields even under cloudy and partially shaded conditions
  • External cell protector with bypass diodes offers protection against cell overheating (Hot-Spots) is included


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Solarmodule M-Series


SOLARA Solar panel M-Series Art.-No. S50P36 (12V/12Wp/50Wh/d)


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SOLARA Solar panel M-Series Art.-No. S50P36 (12V/12Wp/50Wh/d)

278,00 €

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