SOLARA adhesive set FIX PACK

SOLARA adhesive set FIX PACK

Tested and reliable bonding


The ABS special adhesive set SOLARA FIX PACK has been specially developed for SOLARA ABS retaining spoilers and roof ducts, aluminium retaining brackets and for bonding the SOLARA M- and Power M-series.

The one-component adhesive used is a pure MS polymer, free of isocyanates and therefore absolutely non-toxic.



The characteristics

  • Can be stored for at least one year
  • Ideally suited for bonding plastics such as ABS to painted surfaces
  • Fixed component of the SOLARA complete set

 Scope of delivery: 290 ml cartridge, primer (decavator), cleaning cloth and sanding pad

SOLARA adhesive set Art.-No. SOLARA Fix Pack (cartridge, primer, cleaning cloth, sanding pat)

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