Schaudt charge controller | Art.-No. LR1218

Schaudt charge controller (up to 200Wp 12V)

Type LR1218
Power (W) until 200
Current (A) 18
Voltage (V) 12
Meter --


The Solar Charge Controller LR limited in 1218 and regulates the charging voltage from the solar modules. It ensures gentle charging of one or two batteries. An integrated isolation diode prevents discharge with insufficient charging voltage (for example, dark).



  • maximum total current: 18A
  • Suitable for 6-cell 12V lead-acid or lead-gel batteries
  • Characteristic: IU
  • Control principle: pulse width modulated series regulator
  • Charging voltage for both batteries 14.2V


Delivery incl. Cables, connection material and fuses for use

as a solo instrument with electric block


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Charge controller and remote meter 


Schaudt charge controller Art.-No. LR1218 (up to 200Wp 12V)


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