SOLARA charge controller | Art.-No. SR135TL

SOLARA charge controller SR135TL (up to 140Wp 12/24V)

Type SR135TL
Power (W) until 140
Current (A) 8
Voltage (V) 12/24
Meter LED


The optimal way of charging -Solara Controller


SOLARA charge controllers are charging various battery types always with a controlled charging characteristic.

We guarantee high reliability, latest technologies and easy handling at competitive pricing. The LVD terminal can help to protect the battery from deep discharging.


The features

  • Automatic detection 12/24V
  • Solar power 90-350W
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Low voltage disconnection
  • Battery type selector
  • LED SOC indicators


More information:

Charge controller and remote meter



Solara charge controller


SOLARA charge controller Art.-No. SR135TL (up to 140Wp 12/24V)


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