SOLARA Cell protector | Art.-No. C-PV2

SOLARA Cell protector C-PV2

The cell protector has the task of protecting the cells in the module partial shadowing of the solar module from overheating (hotspot), this 2 bypass diodes are soldered on the board. (In conventional glass modules with aluminum frame, these bypass diodes are in the junction box at the back of the modules.)

So in case of damage, the diodes can be easily replaced, these diodes are incorporated in Solara in cell protector and not in the terminal cap.

Cell protektor with terminal cap
Dimensions: 88 x 35 x 25mm (L x W x H)


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Cell HotSpot-protector Art.-No.C-PV2 


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Cell HotSpot-protector Art.-No.C-PV2

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