Product news and updates 2017

Solara Power Mobil plus for Volkswagen T5 and T6 and Fiat Ducato

The power generating vehicle windscreen cover

SOLARA solar modules for windshileds to shade the vehicle
SOLARA Power generating vehicle windscreen cover


Opaque, insulating, darkening and easy to install, the new high-quality Solara model meets all these requirements for a vehicle windscreen cover.


Besides, it is also possible to attach the portable Solara Power Mobilplus module with 102 Watt to the front cover in a few easy steps to effectively charge your body battery at the same time. Not just another solar module, but a product with additional benefits, suitable for many vehicle types. 


  • Solar module integrated into the front cover, but can also be used separately
  • Quick attachment to the cover by sliding in and Velcro
  • Highly durable surface fabric with water stop incorporation
  • Fully opaque and darkening
  • Extremely good insulating properties due to an integrated insulating core of extreme insulator
  • Quick to assemble and dismantle, thanks to an innovative magnetic system
  • Easy to clean and easy to store, only a little space required
  • Integrated anti-theft protection


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Solara Power Mobil

The new portable Power Mobil solar panel with 102 watts

SOLARA solar modules for windshields to shade the vehicle
SOLARA Power Mobil S 408M32

Solar modules can be folded and integrated in a bag. This allows electricity to be generated anywhere without mounting. Simply unfold the bag, set it up and connect it. This is ideal for generating power on the go when mounting is not possible or reasonable. Of course the solar modules have the same known quality and power as our Power M-series.


  • Portable, mobile solar module
  • Flexible usage thanks to an innovative full all-round fabric edging
  • Zip or velcro fastenings or fixing eyes can be retrofitted
  • Only a small storage area needed due to the foldable panel
  • Efficient battery charging of vehicles even in the shade
  • No fixed mounting necessary
  • HIgh yield in every season even in diffuse light

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Solara Vision S-series

Now available with 100 Watt

It started with the Solara S 600P36 Vision with 150 Wp in 2015. Folllowed by the highly requested Solara S 450M36 Vision with 110 watts in the same summer. The Solara Vision series is a continous developement of the conventional solar module: Instead of a glass and a back-foil, two extremely translucent and thin glass panes are fused into an almost indestructible glass/glass composite, in the middle of which the solar cells are securely embedded.


  • Now available with 110 watts
  • Solar module with 36 high-performance solar cells
  • Robust, seawater-resistant aluminium frame
  • Extremely sturdy and walkable
  • Tropical roof suitable
  • Large, waterproof junction box with pre-assembled cable and solar grade MC4 plugs
  • Ammonia resistant
  • Salt-water resistant
  • Hail proof


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Solara S-series with new performance classes

Power increase of up to 10 watts with unchanged size

Our goal is the consistent development of all Solara S-series. Now we achieved to equip all modules of our S-series simultaneous with high performance with unchanged panel size and same price. Here all newly available module-performance in an overview:

Modul type Current performance Performance as of 2017
Solara S-series     
S 300P36 Ultra 75 Watt 80 Watt
S 405M36 Ultra 100 Watt 110 Watt
S 600P36 Ultra 150 Watt 160 Watt
Solara S-series Vision    
S 410M36 Vision 100 Watt 110 Watt
S 600P36 Vision 150 Watt 150 Watt
Solara Power S-series    
S 440M36 Ultra 110 Watt 120 Watt
S 565M44 Ultra 140 Watt 150 Watt

Solara charge controller E-series

New Solara E-series at an unbeatable price

Solara is launching a new, technically high-quality, but cost-effective charge controllers with the E-series. The SR180E (12V/16A) is a controller with PWM series control, deep discharge protection and fully encapsulated circuit board (IP68), as well as a robust housing with corrosion-resistant screw terminals (IP21). Three LEDs provide information on the charge status, battery voltage and load status. The SR180E MPPT (85V/16A), is a fully encapsulated high-quality MPPT charge controller in the same type of housing as the PWM controller, only slightly larger.


Both controllers are perfectly suited to be used with all types of PV-systes at an unbeatable price/performance ratio.


  • SR280E (12V/16A) controller with PWM series control
  • SR280E MPPT (85V/16A), MPPT charge controller
  • With deep discharge protection
  • Fully encapsulated circuit board (IP68)
  • Robust housing with corrosion-resistant screw terminals (IP21)
  • 3 LEDs provide information on the charge status, battery voltage and load status

Solara charge controller LCD-series with integrated display

New Solara LCD-series with integrated display

The new Solara charge controllers SR180LCD (12/24V, 10A) and SR350LCD (12/24V, 20A) offer exceptional features in their class: In addition to a 4-stage PWM charge control with temperature compensation, both are equipped with a user-friendly LC display with extensive control, programming and safety functions. The battery's state of charge is permanently displayed via a bar graph, as are the energy flows to and from the battery, and the current load status. Data logger and a programmable night light function complete the exceptional features of the new Solara charge controller CX series. The SR350LCD will also e available in DUO version, for charging two battery banks.


  • SR180LCD (12/24V, 10A), controller with PWM-series-regulation
  • SR350LCD (12/24V, 10A), controller with PWM-series-regulation
  • SR350LCD-Duo (12/24V, 10A), controller with PWM-series-control for two battery banks
  • 4-stage PWM charge control with temperature compensation
  • user-friendly LC display
  • extensive control, programming and safety functions
  • integrated data logger and a programmable night light function