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Stand-alone systems - systems for any requirement

Planungsblatt SOLARA solar energy

The SOLARA planning sheet
Photovoltaic island systems are as individual as their users. They must be planned exactly so that they can reliably fulfil their purpose, and have to be adapted to specific needs, the installation site and consumer behaviors.

Such systems include on one side energy sources like generators, solar arrays, wind turbines or a combination of them to generate the needed electricity locally. On the other side inverters and battery chargers are needed to store the energy into battery and to provide electrical power to the loads.

Use our detailed planning form for your system planning. This form helps you gather all the relevant information and provides an easily comprehensible view of your future system and its components and properties.

SOLARA Planningsheet for Stand alone systems
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SOLARA solar energy

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Following an overview of the products for the various stand-alone systems. Further information in SOLARA Folder SOLARENERGY FOR STAND-ALONE SYSTEMS here as pdf for download


SOLARA Solar Electricity for Stand-alone-Systems
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Product Overview

Phoco Pico Lantern Sets - For stationary or mobile use


Multifunctional Pico LED lights can be used on a stationary or mobile basis. They were designed especially for applications where there is no power supply, such as for rural electrification or the leisure / outdoor sector. The Pico lamp is equipped with a highly efficient power LED and excellent charge controlling technology.



  • Can be charged with solar panel, 12 V battery or grid charging device
  • High protection class (IP65)
  • USB-powered connection for charging of mobile telephones, MP3 players etc.
  • High-power LED
  • 3 illumination levels

SOLARA SOLARMODULES for stand-alone systems to 260 Wp

SOLARA solar energy

Performance Optimized

  • Anti-reflective glass for high yield even under diffuse light conditions
  • Positive power classification
  • 100% PID-safe
  • Outstanding NOCT values

Flexible and simple to install

  • Extended clamping area
  • Up to 18,000 Pa load (Vision modules)
  • At transverse position 3,500 Pa load


  • Manufactured under DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2009 and OHSAS 18001:2007 compliances
  • Salt corrosion resistance tested
  • Ammonia resistance tested
  • Hail impact tested
  • Flame resistant


  • High yields due to Anti-reflecting glass
  • Best low-light performance
  • Up to 30 years Product- and Performance warranty
  • Manufactures in German

Further information in the brochure SOLARA SOLARENERGY FOR STAND-ALONE SYSTEMS here as pdf for download

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SOLARA solar energy

These components are the basement for the set-up of stand alone systems in different power classes.

Doesn’t if it is summer cottage, a remote farm or a village - nearly everything is possible. Just by adjusting the programming of the inverter, also back-up systems can be installed to energy supply when the public grid fails.

Battery inverter Sunny Island

Solar energy - battery inverter - SOLARA

The Features:

  • Parallel and three-phase connection with up to 36 units possible
  • Independently programmable contacts
  • Back-up systems possible
  • Battery charger for several battery types
  • Remote access via LAN or GSM
  • IP54 protection class



At SOLARA there are also the right accessories:

SOLARA Batfuse
Batfuse SOLARA
SOLARA cable
Made in Germany SOLARA

Power supply and Back-up systems

Solar modules SOLARA XTS 900-12
Power supply SOLARA 1500-12
XTH 3000-12 SOLARA solar energy

The Swiss company Studer Innotec is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sine-wave inverters and battery chargers for use in photovoltaic, marine and mobile applications, in emergency power supply and in telecommunications.

The combination inverters in the Xtender series, which can be remote controlled, are extraordinarily versatile. They combine the features of an inverter, battery charger, switching mechanism and support for external AC power sources, all in one device. All of these functions can be combined with one another and controlled fully automatically, which provides ease of use and extremely efficient utilisation of available energy.


  • Parallel and three-phase connection with up to nine Xtenders.
  • High performance and outstanding over load resistance.
  • Smart-Boost to support AC sources.
  • Back-up systems possible
  • Programmable battery charging strategies and charging voltages.
  • Quick transfer functionality
  • Two auxillary contacts, independently programmable.
  • Real time clock for event savings and programming of auxiliary contacts.

Alternating current (AC) as from the socket

AJ 1000-12 SOLARA solar energy
AJ 500-12 SOLARA solar energy
AJ 275-12 solar energy SOLARA

The AJ series of sine-wave inverters convert direct current from one battery into alternating current that can be used for all electronic devices. They function as reliably and trouble-free as a Swiss clock, and hold up even under extraordinary loads.


Further information in the brochure SOLARA SOLARENEGY FOR STAND-ALONE SYSTEMS.


  • Highly efficient
  • Microprocessor control
  • Complete inverter protection against overload, overheating, short-circuits and reverse polarity
  • Adjustable load detection
  • Function for optimizing battery life

Charge Controllers & Remote Meter

MorningStar MPPT Solar Controllers - High Performance, maximum flexibility

SOLARA solar controllers TriStar MPPT

Extra yields of 10-15% per day by MPPT technology. Best results in systems with higher number of cells in the solar module.


The featuresn

  • 12/24/48V systems possible
  • Max. PV open circuit voltage 150V and 600V
  • full electronic protection
  • several communication ports
  • 200 days data logger
  • Solid design and no fans
  • Programmable via MS-View software
  • Ethernet connection
  • MODBUS protocol
  • Build-in or remote meter

Studer MPPT Solar Controller - High performance, versatile adaptable

Vario Track solar energy SOLARA

High efficiency and a wide range of applications - even for large solar systems. Ideal for use in combination with Studer Xtender inverters, because the same communication bus is used.


The features

  • 112/24/48V systems possible
  • max. PV open circuit voltage up to 900V
  • full electronic protection
  • remote access via LAN or GSM
  • Up to 15 units in parallel
  • IP54 protection (not VS120)
  • Two isolated MPPT inputs for up to 600V (only VS-70 & VS-120)
  • Meter, programming and data logging via RCC02/03 accessory

MorningStar PWM Solar controllers - The professional way of charging

Solar energy SOLARA Morningstar PWM-meter

Top quality made by MorningStar with 5 years warranty. With its large portfolio and the wide power range making MorningStar the first choice.

SOLARA solar controls by Phocos - The optimal way of charging

SOLARA control station

SOLARA charge controllers are charging various battery types always with a controlled charging characteristic.

We guarantee high reliability, latest technologies and easy handling at competitive pricing. The LVD terminal can help to protect the battery from deep discharging.

Solara Remote Meter - The control station for your solar system

SOLARA remote meter

Good to know, the display shows battery voltage, charging current, load current.

Further information in the brochure SOLARA SOLARENERGY FOR STAND-ALONE SYSTEMS.

Batteries your power storage

Hoppecke OPzV Batteries - Stationary batteries with Gel Technology

OPvZ Batteries - SOLARA

These stationary lead acid batteries are permanently sealed and need not be filled with water. Because they contain a fixed electrolyte gel, they can also be installed horizontally if needed. They have an especially long cyclical lifespan thanks to positive tubular plates.

2-row battery rack - on request
2-row battery rack - on request

Hoppecke OPzS Batteries - Stationary batteries with Liquid Electrolyte

Hppecke OPzS Batteries - SOLARA

These vented lead acid batteries for cyclical applications are equipped with positive tubular plates that ensure especially long life, even under high charging and discharging loads. They are therefore ideally suited for solar and off-grid applications. They contain liquid electrolytes and are equipped to attain maximum energy efficiency.

Rolls Batteries - Cells and blocs with liquid electrolyte

Rolls Batteries SOLARA

The liquid-acid batteries of Rolls being used as reliable energy storage for PV-systems. The large range of available capacities and the robust flat-plate design are remarkable for these batteries.

Hoppecke AGM Batteries - Bloc batteries 12 V / 6 V blocks

Hoppecke AGM Batteries SOLARA

Sealed lead-acid battery, almost maintenance-free due to Absorbent Glass Mat-technology. The ideal battery for small and mid-sized cyclic applications.

Further information in the brochure SOLARA SOLARENERGY FOR STAND-ALONE SYSTEMS.

Mounting systems

Innovative, efficient, durable - Mounting systems for any kind of installation

A vast number of installation possibilities in addition to high mechanic stability give our mounting systems a broad area of application. Our mounting systems are characterized by innovation and performance as well as simple and low-cost installation. We provide complete systems and will compile mounting systems for on-roof systems, roof-parallel, elevated or building-integrated systems to suit your needs.


Metasole Batteries SOLARA
  • Easy to install solution for piched roofs with trapeziodal cover.
  • Only four different components are need.
  • EPDM-sealing grant water tightness


Ecoline Solar module -  SOLARA
  • A price optimized single layer mounting solution
  • Flexible components for portrait or landscape installation
  • Only stainless steel and aluminum components being used


Ground mounted system

Ground mounted system - SOLARA
  • Open land system, individually engineered with static calculation
  • One row of stands can carry several panel rows
  • Exclusively made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and aluminum components

Take for your system request our detailed planning sheet. It is designed to retrieve all relevant information to shows the future system, its components and properties. So we can create an optimal offer.

Contact us. We are happy to help!


Further information in the brochure SOLARA SOLARENEGY FOR STAND-ALONE SYSTEMS.