TÜV tested, lightweight and UV-resistant

SOLARA ABS Mounting spoilers

SOLARA ABS maintaining spoiler in black and white are ideal for campers, caravan, garden and leisure houses. Same time they are mounting system and wind deflector.

We use only high-quality ABS material that has been specially coated prior to the forming process instead of low-quality injection-molded plastic from questionable sources.

The ABS brackets exactly match the solar panel widths and can also be used for other makes of solar panels. Also available are corner brackets and connector brackets. The brackets are glued onto the vehicle roof with our special ABS adhesive (FIX PACK), the solar panels are connected to the spoilers by using screws

The features

  • Best symbiosis between functionality and optic
  • More than 50% lighter than other materials
  • ABS plastics with special coating
  • UV-resistant
  • 100% recyclable
  • Screws included
  • 5-year warranty


Note: Installation only with certified special adhesive for ABS plastics, for example, the SOLARA FIX PACK

HSXX/W SOLARA solar energy - SOLARA
HSV/W SOLARA solar energy
HES/W solar energy - SOLARA

Type Art.-No. Max. module wide up to pc/set
Retaining spoiler set HS35/W 350 mm 2
Retaining spoiler set HS45/W 450 mm 2
Retaining spoiler set HS55/W 550 mm 2
Retaining spoiler set HS55/black 550 mm 2
Retaining spoiler set HS68/W 680 mm 2
Corner spoilers Set HSE/W for all module wide 4
Connection profile set HSV/W for all module wide 2

Everlasting waterproof

SOLARA ABS Roof grommet

The roof grommets DD1 and DD2 are made from specially coated, UV-resistant ABS and are available in matching colour.

The broad adhesive seam and long-lasting PG cable glands facilitate and guarantee a secure, durable installation.

Easily glued with the special adhesive: a permanently watertight cable feed through to the interior.

Type Art.-No. no. of inlets
roof grommets DD1/W 1 x PG13,5 for 1 cable
roof grommets DD2/W 1 x PG13,5 for 2 cable

Note: Installation only with certified special adhesive for ABS plastics, for example, the SOLARA FIX PACK

SOLARA roof grommet
SOLARA roof grommet

Proofed and safe bonding

SOLARA adhesive set FIX PACK

Special adhesive for SOLARA ABS plastic mounting systems, aluminum mounting brackets, SOLARA M-(Marine) Series or roof grommets

The one component adhesive contained in the Glue Set is a pure MS-polymer, isocyanate-free and thus poison-free!

The features

  • Storable for one year
  • Ideally suitable for gluing plastic such as ABS onto coated surfaces
  • Component of the SOLARA complete sets

Scope of delivery: cartridge 290ml, primer (Dekavator) cleaning cloth, sanding pad


For individual installation

SOLARA aluminum brackets

The features

  • Sturdy aluminum brackets with a large surface area
  • Ideal for caravans, RVs, garden sheds and holiday homes
  • Mounting height of the panels is adjustable
  • All screws included
  • Brackets can be screwed onto the roof or glued by using the SOLARA FIX PACK.
  • 100% recyclable
  • 5 year warranty on all parts
Solar modules Made in Germany - SOLARA

Type Art.-No. Max. module wide up to no. of brackets
aluminum brackets set HSP up to 1250mm 4
aluminum brackets set HSP400 from 1250mm 6