Charge controller & displays for solar panels

A charge controller is absolutely necessary for off grid solar systems for independent and self-sufficient power generation e.g. in mobile homes, caravans, campers, vans and sailboats

SOLARA has a wide selection of charge controllers and displays for solar power systems for the independent power supply

Function of a charge controller

The charge controller is connected to the solar modules and the battery for overcharge protection. So that the consumers do not deep-discharge the battery, the charge controller, if there is no deep-charge protection onboard, is also connected to it. The charge controller is thus the control centre and an important protection for the solar system.

Charge controller can have additional functions

Some charge controllers have a temperature sensor, an indication of the state of charge, charging current, load current, battery voltage, operating status of the solar system, warning signals and much more. SOLARA provides a charge controller with a variety of additional functions.

Charge controllers are available in different versions

Charge controllers must be matched to the battery type. Charge controllers are available in different designs and qualities. SOLARA has a wide selection for all battery types and sizes of solar systems.

SOLARA offers the right charge controller for every application -
a unique selection of four renowned manufacturers

SOLARA charge controller

High reliability, state-of-the-art technology and ease of installation at low cost.

Votronic charge controller

High compatibility with many electric systems in motorhomes - popular with manufacturers of camper vans and campers.

Victron MPPT charge controller

MPPT-controller - up to 30% more solar power compared to PWM charge controllers.

Morningstar charge controller

Largest charge controller selection.

SOLARA charge controllers - Ideal for charging batteries with solar panels

The control center for all cases

We guarantee high reliability, the latest technology and ease of installation at a low cost. The regulated PWM characteristic guarantees optimum charging. All Solara controllers are so-called series regulators (no shunt) and thus very efficient. The load output protects your battery from deep discharge. A large and informative LCD shows the current system status. The SR350DUO also offers the possibility to charge two battery circuits.

Solara charge controller for safe charging of batteries in campers, vans, caravans or motorhomes. Charge rules are also essential on sailing boats & yachts. Charge controllers protect against overcharging & deep discharge of the battery on board.

SOLARA Charge controller SR280E

Solar charge controller for safe charging of batteries in campers, vans, caravans or motorhomes. Charging rules are also essential on sailing yachts & boats. Charge controllers provide protection against overcharging & deep discharge of the battery.

SOLARA Charge controller SR180 - 350LCD

Charge controller from Solara - safe charging of batteries in the camper, motorhome, van or caravan. Charge controllers are absolutely necessary on yachts & sailing boats. Charge controllers always protect against overcharging & deep discharge of battery.

SOLARA Charge controller SR85TL - SR175TL

The features of SOLARA charge controllers

  • Automatic detection of battery voltage
  • Solar power <90 to 350 watts
  • Electronically protected against overcharging, reverse polarity, overvoltage
  • Battery deep discharge protection in each regulator 5 to 20 A
  • Battery type manually adjustable (except SR340 E)
  • LED indicator for battery status
  • Metal housing IP65 (for SR340 E)
  • Charges two parallel battery circuits (SR 350 DUO)
  • USB port for charging (at SR 180/350 LCD)
  • Lithium-ready (SR XXX LCD/DUO)
  • Low self-consumption <4 mA

Warranty conditions on this homepage under downloads.

Type Solar panel power (W) Current (A) Voltage (V) Meter
SR 60 UL to 60 4 12 LED
SR 85 TL to 90/180 5 12/24 LED
SR 175 TL to 180/360 10 12/24 LED
SR 340 E 340 20 12 LED
Charge controller with LCD display:
SR 180 LCD to 180/360 10 12/24 LCD
SR 350 LCD to 350/700 20 12/24 LCD
Charge controller for two battery circuits (e.g. engine and supply battery) with LCD display:
SR 350 DUO to 350/700 20 12/24 LCD

Quality Made in Germany

Votronic charge controller - the art of engineering "Made in Germany".


Since 1987, Votronic has been developing and manufacturing electronic devices for mobile use. More than a quarter of a century is a long period for the fast-paced electronics world. Through innovative and high-quality products, Votronic was able to assert itself successfully on the market all the time.


Simultaneous charging

The VOTRONIC charge controllers are characterised by high compatibility with many electrical systems in motorhomes. Leading manufacturers install Votronic components and there the solar charge controllers can be perfectly integrated. Two microprocessor-controlled device series are available, the SR and the highly efficient MPP series. Both series are additionally equipped with a charging output for the vehicle starter battery. The range of devices is rounded off with an energy and power meter for the solar system.

The features of Voltronic charge controllers

  • Recharge and charge retention of the vehicle starter battery
  • Two different control methods available, SR and MPP
  • High operational safety through microcontroller
  • Charging programs for lead-acid, gel, AGM and LiFePO4 batteries adjustable
  • Continuous control, immediate recharge
  • Temperature Compensation
  • 5 LED status indicators on the device
  • For all commercially available solar panels
  • Optional: Plug and Play power meters
  • LCD solar computer S or VPC

Type Solar panel power (W) Current (A) Voltage (V) Meter
SR 140 DupDigital 140 9 12 LED
SR 230 DuoDigital 220 14 12 LED
SR 330 DuoDigital 330 21 12 LED
SR 530 DuoDigital 530 33 12 LED
MPP 165 DuoDigital 165 10 12 LED
MPP 250 DuoDigital 250 15 12 LED
MPP 350 DuoDigital 350 21 12 LED
MPP 430 DuoDigital 430 26 12 LED
Solar-Computer S for solar power and current, battery voltage, charge Ah and Wh, compatible with SR- and MPP series
EBL connection cable
Temperature sensor 825
BT Connector S-BC Bluetooth Connector, incl. Energie-Monitor-App


Cable set for connection of the solar controller to EBL
Pre-assembled set of cables for connecting the VOTRONIC solar charging controller with a corresponding output to an existing Schaudt electric block (EBL) with attached control and display panel (DT ... / ... LT). First please check the compatibility of your essential Schaudt electrical block (EBL) and the corresponding control and display panel, since we can not accept any liability for this. Scope of delivery: Cable set 1 m long, user manual


Temperature sensor 825
Temperature sensor with 3 m cord, encapsulated against environmental influences, for all VOTRONIC devices. Hole for bolt M8

Victron MPPT charge controller

Ultra-fast maximum power point tracking (MPPT)

Especially in an overcast sky, when the light intensity is constantly changing, an extremely fast MPPT controller improves the energy yield by up to 30% compared to PWM charge controllers. You can remotely control and monitor the rich features of your SmartSolar MMPT charger by pairing it with your smartphone or other devices via the VictronConnect app via Bluetooth.

New from Victron: VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle

With the VE.Direct to Bluetooth Smart Dongle you can have your loader information displayed on iOS and Android devices. You will need the VictronConnect app for this. View information such as battery status, solar module power, and other useful data wireless.


The Victron VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle uses Bluetooth Low Energy. This is a technology for the Internet of Things (IdD).

The features of Victron MPPT charge controller

  • Ultrafast Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
  • Advanced maximum power point detection for partial shading
  • BatteryLife: intelligent battery management through load shedding
  • Load output on the small models
  • Automatic battery voltage detection
  • Flexible charging algorithms
  • Overheating protection and load reduction at high temperatures

Type Solar panel power (W) Current (A) Voltage (V) Meter
MPPT 75/10* 145-290 10 12/24 LED
MPPT 75/15* 220-440 15 12/24 LED
MPPT 100/15* 220-440 10 12/24 LED
MPPT 100/20* 290-580 20 12/24 LED
MPPT 100/30* 440-880 30 12/24 LED
MPPT 100/50* 700-1400 50 12/24 LED
MPPT 150/35* 500-2000 35 12/24/48 LED
MPPT 150/45* 650-2600 45 12/24/48 LED
MPPT 150/60* 860-3440 60 12/24/48 LED
Remote meter BMV700 for all Victron MPPT controller, incl. 500A Shunt
Remote meter BMV702 for all Victron MPPT controller, incl. 500A Shunt, shows additional battery voltage
Remote meter BMV712 for all Victron MPPT controller, incl. 500A Shunt and Bluetooth
Bluetooth Dongle for connection MPPT controller or remote meter with Smartphone via app
more Victron items on request

* Bluetooth integrated

MORNINGSTAR charge controller

Top technology from Morningstar with 5 years product warranty.

The wide variety and the very wide performance spectrum make these controllers always the first choice.

Morningstar Corporation is a worldwide supplier of solar charge controllers - with over two million units in over 112 countries. Morningstar charge controller set standards in performance, innovative features, quality and reliability worldwide. The products are processed on a fully automated system. ISO 9001 manufactured. Quality control using the latest computer-based test equipment and processes is performed on 100% of all delivered devices with functional tests.

Others persist in adverse environments. We flourish in them.

With 25 years of experience and well over three million products shipped to more than 100 countries - most of them still in operation - Morningstar has earned its reputation as a world leader in the design and manufacture of solar power controllers.


At Morningstar, the word "reliability" is much more than a marketing label. It stands for a device failure rate of less than 0.4 % -- the reason why we are the only manufacturer who dares to disclose such a key figure. As a result, plant designers around the world working on highly mission-critical solar power installations swear by Morningstar components, and so should you on your next project.


From mineral mines in South America to cellular signal repeaters in Canada, from natural gas wells in the Middle East to mountaintops in Nepal, Morningstar's technology and legendary quality tip the scales when it comes to success or failure - making renewable energy a practical and durable solution that delivers value for money.


Morningstar has built its excellent reputation on faster, "smarter" signal processing, optimised thanks to outstanding engineering. In addition, as heat reduces efficiency and shortens product life, a state-of-the-art thermal design approach eliminates fan failures -- unlike other higher-end solar power controller and inverter brands.


To raise the bar even higher, we use components with performance characteristics that exceed the requirements of the standards to achieve performance at unprecedented levels. The result: products that perform independently in the field and set the standards for the rest of the industry players.


Why do we develop our products with excessive precision? Quite simply, as an employee-owned company, our reputation is at stake with every Morningstar product we deliver. Not only can we afford to be perfectionists, but we also have to be perfectionists because our brand reputation is synonymous with our reputation. Thanks to our determination and ingenuity, Morningstar charge controllers maintain their legendary longevity. Meanwhile, inverter-charger combinations have reached the performance level of our controllers. In the wake of this, we at Morningstar are proud to present a solution that is also suitable for your application.

Charging the batteries professionally

A broad performance spectrum, innovative functions, robust design, high efficiency characterise the MorningStar solar charge controllers. ISO9001 manufacturing, quality control with 100% functional test ensure quality, reliability and longevity in the application. Over 2 million devices are installed in over 112 countries until today.

The features of MORNINGSTAR charge controllers

  • Epoxy resin-moulded board
  • For gel-type and AGM batteries
  • With temperature sensor and deep discharge protection
  • Built-in or remote display available
  • PWM charging characteristic, series design
  • Automatic 12/24 V detection
  • All fuses electronically
  • Low self-consumption <8 mA
  • Top quality with 5 years warranty, EcoPulse 2 years

Warranty conditions on this homepage under download.

Type Solar panel power (W) Current (A) Voltage (V) Meter
SunSaver 6L 110 6 12 LED
SunSaver 10L 170 10 12 LED
SunSaver 20L 340 20 12 LED
EcoPulse 10 170 - 340 10 12/24 LED
EcoPulse 10M 170 - 340 10 12/24 LCD
EcoPulse 20 340 - 680 20 12/24 LED
EcoPulse 20M 340 - 680 20 12/24 LCD
EcoPulse 30 510 - 1020 30 12/24 LED
EcoPulse 30M 510 - 1020 30 12/24 LCD
RM-1  LCD display for various system parameters, remote display with 10 m cable. Compatible with SunSaver Duo
RTS  Temperature sensor with 10 m cable. Compatible with EcoPulse
DIN-1  Top-hat rail holder. Compatible with SunSaver

MORNINGSTAR WO-STROKE CONTROLLER - professionally charging two separate batteries

The latest generation of Morningstar controller for charging two battery circuits.
With the SunSaver Duo series, the starter and body battery is always professionally recharged, even over extended periods of use.


The features

  • Charge distribution adjustable (90%: 10% or 50%: 50%)
  • Suitable for module outputs up to 425 Wp
  • Current transmission 25 A at 12 V system voltage
  • Top quality with 5 years warranty
  • Optional LCD remote display RM-1 (display of battery voltage, charging current and amp hours)
  • Temperature sensor optionally available
With SunSaver Duo series, the starter and body batteries are always recharged professonally, even with longer periods of inactivity.
Type Solar panel power (W) Current (A) Voltage (V) Meter
SunSaverDuo Basic to 425 25 12 LED

MorningStar charge controller for professional use

In case of high solar power and current, battery voltages up to 48V needed communication and data transfer, the professional ProStar and TriStar controllers are being used. Basically, all MorningStar controllers are designed without fans or moving parts.

The features

  • For all battery types, lithium-ready
  • For large systems with up to 60A solar current
  • With temperature sensor and deep discharge protection
  • PWM charging characteristic, series design
  • Automatic voltage detection
  • Several network and communication options
  • All fuses electronically
  • Low self-consumption <20 mA
  • Top quality with 5 years guarantee

Warranty conditions on this homepage under download.


Type Solar panel power (W) Current (A) Voltage (V) Meter
SunGuard 80 4.5 12 LED
ProStar 15 250 - 500 15 12/24 LED
ProStar 15 M 250 - 500 15 12/24 LCD
ProStar 30 500 - 1000 30 12/24 LED
ProStar 30M 500 - 1000 30 12/24 LCD
TriStar 45 750 - 3200 45 12/24/48 LED
TriStar 60 1000 - 4000 60 12/24/48 LED

Accessories for the professional use of Morningstar charge controllers

Type Function Compatible with
RM-1 Remote LCD display for various system parameters, remote display with 10 m cable ProStar
TS-M-2 LCD display for various system parameters, installation in controller TriStar
TS-RM-2 LCD display for various system parameters, remote display with 30 m cable TriStar
RTS Temperature sensor with 10 m cable ProStar, TriStar
EMC-1 IP based network and internet bridge ProStar, TriStar
HUB-1 Allows several controllers to be shown on one display TS-M (TS-RM) ProStar, TriStar
MSC-1 Converter for display-port to RS-232 ProStar, TriStar
RD-1 Relay module for controlling external devices ProStar, TriStar
UMC-1 Communication adapter with USB connection ProStar

More SOLARA Accessories and charge controller

Type Equipment
Schaudt charge controller  LR 12/18, for connecting to EBL, 12V, Imax: 18V incl. lines, connecting material, fuses
EBL connection cable Connection cable charge controller - Schaudt EBL
DC-Connect-C Module connection cable 2 x 4 mm²/5 m/MC4
DC-Connect-B Battery connection cable 6 mm²/1 m
DC-Connect-M-Set Module connection cable 4 mm²/2 m/MC4, plus + minus
MC4 Y-Set Y-Adapter set for parallel connection of 2 modules, plus + minus
Cable 2 x 2.5 Cable for the outdoor installation, 2 x 2,5 mm², role with 100 m
Cable 4 x 4.0 Cable for the outdoor installation, 2 x 4,0 mm², role with 100 m
SM/cell-protection Hotspot-Protector for SOLARA M-series as a single-item
KS Edge protection for SOLARA M-series, sold by the meter
SLÜ25 E Solar fan with stainless steel cover

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