The optimal way of charging

SOLARA controller

SOLARA charge controllers are charging various battery types always with a controlled charging characteristic.

We guarantee high reliability, latest technologies and easy handling at competitive pricing. The LVD terminal can help to protect the battery from deep discharging.


The features

  • Automatic detection 12/24V
  • Solar power 90-350W
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Low voltage disconnection
  • Battery type selector
  • LED SOC indicators
charge controller - SOLARA

Type module power (W) Current (A) Voltage (V) Meter
SR85TL to 90 5 12/24 LED
SR135TL to 140 8 12/24 LED
SR175TL to 180 10 12/24 LED

to 350

20 12/24 LED

The control station for your system

SOLARA Remote Meter

Good to know:
The display shows battery voltage, charging current, load current.


The features

  • Clear readable display
  • Values selected by switch
  • For battery voltage, charging current, load current
  • 2m connection cable
solar remote meter - SOLARA SR/CMM

Type Display for controller type
SR/CMM Voltage 0-35V, Current 0-25A SR85TL – SR345TL

The professional way of charging

MorningStar Controller

Top quality Made by MorningStar with 5 years warranty.

With its large portfolio and the wide power range making MorningStar the first choice.


The features

  • Epoxy-sealed printed circuit board
  • Microprocessor control
  • Automatic 12/24 V detection
  • Charge sealed batteries
  • Temperature sensor and LVD
  • Controlled charging characteristic with PWM
  • Serial design, no shunt
  • All fuses are electronic
  • For large systems with more than 3 kW solar
Solar energy SOLARA Sun Saver 20
Sun Saver 20

Type Module power  (W) Current (A) Voltage  (V) Meter
 SunGuard to 75 4,5 12 – –
SunSaver 6 to 110 6 12 LED
SunSaver 10 to 165 10 12 LED
SunSaver 20 to 330 20 12 LED

For high power professional systems


The charge controller for professional use.
In larger installations with 60A solar current and 48V systems voltage the TriStar is best possible choice.


The features

  • Microprocessor controlled
  • 12/24/48V systems possible
  • For Gel, AGM and liquid batteries
  • PWM charging characteristic
  • full electronic protection
  • for systems with 45/60A solar current
  • Solid design and no fans
  • Top Quality with 5 years warranty
TriStar 60 SOLARA solar energy
TriStar 60

Type Module power (W) Current (A) Voltage (V) Meter
TriStar 45 to 740 45 12/24/48 *
TriStar 60 to 990 60 12/24/48 *

* The following accessories are available on request: LCD display, remote display or battery sensor

Load two batteries

MorningStar dual-battery-circle controller

SunSaverDuo, solar energy, SOLARA

The latest generation of MorningStar controllers for charging two circuits at the same time.
The SunSaver Duo series the starter and cabin battery to be recharged always professional even during longer periods.

 The features

  • Flexible charging of two circuits (90%:10% or 50%:50%)
  • Module power up to 425 Wp
  • Max. charging current 25 A
  • Top quality with 5 year warranty
  • Optional remote LCD display RM-1. RM1 shows battery voltage, charging current, Ampere hours
  • Optional temperature sensor

Type Module power (W) Current (A) Voltage (V) Meter
SunSaverDuo to 425 25 12 LCD Display
SunSaverDuo Basic to 425 25 12 – –

Power charge with MPPT

MorningStar MPPT Controller

SunSaver MPPT, SOLARA solar energy
SunSaver MPPT

Extra yields of 10-15% per day by MPPT technology.
Best results in systems with higher number of cells in the solar module.

The features

  • 12/24/48V systems possible
  • max. PV open circuit voltage 150V and 600V
  • full electronic protection
  • several communication ports
  • 200 days data logger
  • Solid design and no fans
  • Programmable via MS-View software
  • Ethernet connection
  • MODBUS protocol
  • Build-in or remote meter possible

Type Module power (W) Current (A) Voltage (V) Meter
SunSaver MPPT to 200/400 15 12/24 – –
Fernanzeige RM-1 remote display for SunSaver MPPT     LCD
TriStar 30 MPPT to 1600   12-48 *
TriStar 45 MPPT to 2400   12-48 *
TriStar 60 MPPT to 3200   12-48 *

* The following accessories are available on request: LCD display, remote display or battery sensor

Charge with MPPT technology

Victron MPPT Controller

Victron MPPT-controller - SOLARA
Victron MPPT Controller

A quick adjusting maximum power point tracker (MPPT) makes this controller efficient in mobile applications and gives extra yields up to 20% especially in overcast conditions.


The features

  • For 12V and 24V systems
  • Intelligent “BatteyLife” Management
  • Epoxy covered electronic board

Type Module power (W) Current (A) Voltage (V) Meter
MPPT 75/15 to 200/400 15 12/24 optional
MPPT 100/30 to 440/880 30 12/24 optional
Remote Display BMV 700 fits MPPT 75/15 and 100/30 MPPT incl. Shunt 500A / 50mV

Voltage and current on display

FOX Digital display

DA20, solar energy SOLARA

The control panel for your system and battery.
LCD display for universal use in your solar system

The features

  • LCD display
  • Shows battery voltage
  • Display of charging and discharging possible
  • For flush mounting available
  • Flexible in use, connect where you need it

Type Voltage  (V) Meter
DA20 (surface mounting ) 8 - 48 LCD
DA20/E (flush mounting) 8 - 48 LCD

Additional accessories and solar controllers

Type Accessory
Schaudt controller LR12/18, for connection with Schaudt EBL, 12V, Imax. 18A, incl. connection cable, fuses
EBL connection cable connection wire for any solar controller with Schaudt EBL
DC-Connect-C connection cable module to controller, 2x4,0mm², 5m, MC4
DC-Connect-B connection cable controller to battery, 2x6mm², 1m
DC-Connect-M-Set connection cable module, 4mm², 2m, pair with plus and minus
MC4 Y-Set Y-adapter set for parallel connection of two modules, set with plus and minus
Cable 2 x 2,5 installation cable for outside use, 2x2,5mm², roll with 100m
Cable 2 x4 ,0 installation cable for outside use, 2x4mm², roll with 100m
SM/cell protector Hotspot protector for SOLARA M-Series as spare part
KS Edge protector for Solara M-Series
SLÜ25 E solar ventilator with stainless steel cover