Solar systems from SOLARA. Solar power for motorhomes, sailing boats, campers, vans and off road vehicles e.g. B. from Mercedes. Solar power systems for charging batteries in mobile homes, caravans, campers, panel vans, SUVs and SUVs.
Specialist in solar systems for 20 years. Solar power for every need: RV, yacht, holiday home and commercial applications.

Solar panels for RVs, boats, cottages and industrial systems

Solar modules and solar system for motorhomes, campers, caravans, panel vans, CamperVan and mobile applications from SOLARA. Very high quality and reliable solar power systems made in Germany for over 20 years. Complete solar systems with accessories for
Solar modules and systems for sailboats, sailing yachts, boats and yachts from SOLARA. High quality, noiseless and reliable solar power generation Made in Germany on the sailboat from SOLARA with over 20 years of experience.
Solar modules and solar system for garden shed, dacha, gazebo, arbor, holiday home, mountain hut and refuge. Solar power made in Germany reliably without a grid connection from SOLARA with over 20 years of experience.
Solar modules and solar systems for industry, stand-alone systems, off-grid systems, self-sufficient systems and commercial applications. Solar power made in Germany reliably without a grid connection from SOLARA with over 20 years of experience.

With SOLARA independent and always supplied with electricity - Whether on your yacht, in a motorhome, in a holiday house, in the outback or for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications.


Our SOLARA photovoltaic systems proved particularly in the leisure sector: Thousands owners of campers, yachts or country houses rely for almost 20 years on the proven reliable solar technology of our SOLARA modules (with frames and flat without frames).

Our modules with frames and modules flat without frames, components and complete photovoltaic systems offer flexible solutions for all needs. Walkable and semi-bendable modules (M-Series) are on boats while SOLARA modules of the S-Series with fixed frame harvest the solar energy on the roof of a mobile home or a holiday home far away from the grid.

SOLARA has the right solar system for every application, whether it is a motorhome, a sailing boat or a garden house.

Solar system with solar module, charge controller, holding spoiler for mounting on the camper roof. Always reliable solar power on a camper, alcove vehicle, camper from SOLARA. Quality Made in Germany for over 20 years has also delighted these two motorho

Solar power - solar systems - solar energy

For campers, yachts and stand-alone systems

SOLARA is the strong brand for solar technology (photovoltaic) from northern Germany for over 20 years. As a specialist provider of stand-alone systems (e.g. mobile solar systems for various vehicles such as caravans and sailing boats), made in Germany, we guarantee a reliable power supply. Clean, emission-free electricity from renewable energy. Solar power wherever there is either no power grid available or where current development would mean exorbitant costs.

The solar modules of SOLARA are the product of German workmanship and are manufactured exclusively in Germany. Thanks to the high quality of the materials used and their manufacturing, they are extremely robust and durable. SOLARA modules (with frames or flat without frames), referred by some as solar panels, withstand extreme climatic loads (e.g. sea navigation marks and ocean sailing yacht) and even use low light conditions optimally. Thanks to the high efficiency of the solar cells used by SOLARA, reliable power generation is guaranteed even in low light conditions.

Stand-alone systems by SOLARA provide electricity for the world

SOLARA solar systems have been reliably supplying electricity for over 20 years. Wherever there is no power supply.

For example absolutely reliable off-grid solar technology for permanent water supply, mountain huts, buildings ans extreme expeditions

Further information about the application areas of SOLARA-photovoltaic systems can be found under the respective headings camper, yacht, summer houses and stand-alone systems and industry for commercial applications. All important information on the individual solar modules (with frames or flat without frames), charge controllers, mounting systems, inverters or complete systems can be found on this website. For planning a solar installation simply use the planning sheet.

Self-sufficient solar power plants with customized solar panels for very special applications from SOLARA

Special designs for stand-alone systems from SOLARA. Absolutely reliable power supply e. g. for measuring stations, emergency phones, maritime signals, and large battery storage.



Our solar modules for individual off-grid or stand-alone systems are tested for quality and longevity in accordance with internal standards.


To ensure that the solar system always produces enough electricity, it must be designed professionally. We tailor the photovoltaic system exactly to your specific needs, the site and your consumer behaviour or power requirements individually. Use our detailed planning sheet for your required solar system. More information is on the page Industry and Stand Alone Systems.

Production in the Hanseatic city of Wismar, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - Quality Made in Germany

Solara plant in Wismar. Production Made in Germany of solar panels for campers, motorhome, sailing boats. Reliable independent and self-sufficient power supply worldwide with solar panels and photovoltaic from Solara and solar panels from Germany-over 20
A look into the highly automated production facility for SOLARA solar panels

We can also tailor SOLARA solar panels to individual designs, dimensions, voltages (volts) and currents (amperes).


However, such custom-made products are only available in larger quantities and for commercial customers. We will gladly make you an offer.


More information on the page Industry or Contact us!


Measuring system in the North Sea for wind power plants with SOLARA M-series solar panels S170M43

Solar modules on a buoy. Solar systems for marine signs, sailing boats, campers, campers and commercial applications for devices in public. Solar systems and solar modules that have passed all tests. Electricity without grid connection using solar technol
©Fraunhofer IWES/Thomas Viergutz

SOLARA Intersolar exhibition stand

Solar technology in the caravan salon for campers, caravans, motorhomes and campers. Charge controller, fastenings for solar modules on the camper roof.

Cool video - Explains how to install a solar system on a motorhome

New: Video from the mobile solar module "Power Move"

Solara S series now with even more power!

Through consistent development, we have been able to develop all framed modules of the S-series with up to 10 watts more power. For the same price and dimensions! 

The proof of Solara-quality

Flat SOLARA solar modules on a T5 VW bus or VW camper van, panel van. Solar power on board for 20 years for the lamps, cooling, TV and laptop. Thanks to the light, flat solar modules, it is also perfect for the VW bus in winter!
VW bus with solar panels

For over 17 years and 350,000 km across Europe trouble-free and maintenance-free.

Sea sign with SOLARA

SOLARA solar technology for marine signs, buoys, sailing boats and yachts for safe and independent power supply. Quality made in Germany for reliable solar power without a grid connection. Electricity from the suns on a light signal on the Elbe for ships.
Buoy with solar power

Unique yaw ferry across the Elbe only with SOLARA solar power.

Ferry with solar power

SOLARA solar technology for marine signs, buoys, sailing boats and yachts for safe and independent power supply. Quality made in Germany for reliable solar power without a grid connection. Electricity from the suns on a light signal on the Elbe for ships.
Solar ferry with SOLARA

Unique yaw ferry across the Elbe only with SOLARA solar power!

Product catalogue new and up-to-date

Everything about solar technology, solar systems, charge controllers and accessories from Solara in the current catalog. Solar power systems for mobile homes, campers, vans, sailing boats, garden houses, dacha and self-sufficient power supply wherever the
New catalogue

The new SOLARA product catalogue

Information and products for mobile applications.

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Award for excellent sales performance and support in 2016 for Morningstar solar leather sailors for motorhomes, sailboats, mountain huts, allotments, allotments and dachas (Datscha) with a five-year product guarantee.

Solara has been selling MorningStar's high-quality charge controllers since 1998. Solara is one of the leading and largest MorningStar dealers worldwide.

Solar donation for children

Solar system for the tombola of the camper's regular table Kevelaer for solar power generation in the mobile home, camper or van
The happy winner

SOLARA donation for the tombola of the Camper regulars' table in Kevelaer provides over €1,000 for the St. Nicolaus e.V. campaign to help disabled children.

Extremely stable - stand on it!

New: Solara in a pocket

Foldable solar module for mobile and flexible use and installation. Ideal for camping, camper, camper, sailing boat and on the go wherever solar power is needed.

New solar panels and charge controllers for campers, motorhomes and stand-alone systems 


SOLARA M-series - save lives

SOLARA Tsunami Buoy Indian Ocean - SOLARA solar module M-Series supplies the buoy with electricity and saves lives by warning of tsunami via radio satellite transmission. Unic Hight Tech Solar Product from Solara Hamburg. Over 20 years of experience with
SOLARA M-series on buoy in the Indian Ocean

For many years, solar panels have been providing reliable power for early detection systems for tsunami under extreme conditions in the India Ocean


Product of the month - buy here

SOLARA super Solarmodule for Camper and RV to shadow the car for maximum indipendent power SOLARA windshield cover with high-tech solar modules for motorhomes and campers SOLARA windshield cover with high-tech solar modules for motorhomes and campers
SOLARA Power Mobil Plus - shadow in the car and power for the battery

SOLARA mobile series


New and unique SOLARA solar panels on the go. Now available for all Volkswagen T5 and T6, Mercedes Vito and Fiat Ducato.


Product of the month

high tech mobile Solarmodule from SOLARA with new glas glas technology. SOLARA Vision solar modules for motorhomes and sailing yachts




Unique SOLARA solar panel has been processed in tempered solar glass on the front and back .


Top quality for professionals, RV, Camper, sailboat, stand alone system use.

  • Solar module with 36 high-performance solar cells
  • Strong and seawater resistant aluminum profile frame
  • Novel glass / glass technology
  • Particularly robust and walkable to 18,000Pa


SOLARA wins 1st place at the "König Kunde Award 2019". The result of a large survey and proof that SOLARA products for motorhomes, motorhomes, campers, vans, caravans etc. are recommended, work well and that readers are satisfied.

ANT ARCTIC LAB - sailing one-handed and non-stop around the world - independently with a solar system from SOLARA

OPEN60AAL with a completely new yacht construction concept as well as robust and powerful solar technology from SOLARA.

Solar power under the harshest conditions

We have always had solar power. Our solar system for extreme travel best test results made electricity on the go. Mobile solar technology has always provided charged batteries. Charging with a solar module is great! Mobile technology - Solara!

from Austria with a VW bus and solar system on the roof via Hungary, Carpathians, Moldova to the Black Sea. Back with sufficient solar power via Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia with the destination Split.

SOLARA supports children's hospital

"Thank you for providing a mobile solar system!" Team thrusters fro SAGE Hospital


Solar panels from SOLARA for the Harzer Brocken narrow-gauge railway

The track switches are operated with solar power. In order to ensure the necessary reliability, the decision was made to use solar panels from SOLARA


S-Class a success story

Solara S-series solar modules are used worldwide, on measuring stations, weekend houses, campers, buoys, motorhomes, boats and in solar home systems.
SOLARA S-series

36-cell solar panels, a SOLARA success story


The SOLARA has been around for over two decades, the Solara S-series has been around for almost as long and, for a few years now, the very robust and durable glass/glass version.

Certification and tests

SOLARA solar modules tested and certified for mobile homes, campers, panel vans, sailing boats and sailing yachts. Guarantees reliable solar power for on the go or off-grid systems on technical devices for off-grid power supply for 20 years.

These include:

  • Mechanical stress tests
  • Weather resistance of the cell embedding
  • Climate test of the entire module
  • Salt water resistance test
  • Degradation test
  • Test on micro-defects in the cell
  • Testing the stability of solder connections
  • In-house tests in our own facilities

In-house tests

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