Solaranlagen von SOLARA, umweltfreundlicher Sonnenstrom, Solarstrom

Solar panels for RVs, boats, cottages and industrial systems

Solar modules for campers - SOLARA
Solar modules for boats - SOLARA
Solar modules for cottages - SOLARA
Solar modules for industry - SOLARA

With SOLARA independent and always supplied with electricity - Whether on your yacht, in a motorhome, or the holiday house in the outback.


Our SOLARA photovoltaic systems proved particularly in the leisure sector: Thousands owners of campers, yachts or country houses rely for almost 20 years on the proven reliable solar technology of our SOLARA modules. Our modules, components and complete photovoltaic systems offer flexible solutions for all needs. Walkable and semi-bendable modules (M-Series) are on boats while SOLARA modules with fixed frame harvest the solar energy on the roof of a mobile home or a holiday home far away from the grid.

Mobile Solaranlagen, Sonnenstrom von SOLARA

Solar power - solar systems - solar energy

For campers, yachts and stand-alone systems

SOLARA is the strong brand for solar technology (photovoltaic) from northern Germany. As a specialist provider of stand-alone systems, made in Germany, we guarantee a reliable power supply wherever either no electricity grid is available or where current development would mean exorbitant costs. The solar modules of SOLARA are the product of German workmanship and produced exclusively in Germany. Thanks to the high quality of the used materials and their manufacturing they are extremely robust and durable. SOLARA modules, referred by some as solar panels, withstand because of that extreme climatic loads and even use low light conditions optimally. Thanks to the high efficiency of the solar cells used by SOLARA reliable power generation is guaranteed even in low light conditions.

Stand-alone systems by SOLARA provide electricity for the world

The flexible, customized stand-alone systems by SOLARA supply water pumps or schools in Africa the same way with reliable electricity as radio stations for mobile phones, navigation marks, emergency telephones or monitoring stations in areas with low developed infrastructure or in areas with no available electricity for residents. Our individual stand-alone-systems are also used in many developing countries, in hospitals or early warning systems for tsunamis in the Indian Ocean.

Further information about the application areas of SOLARA-photovoltaic systems see the respective headings caravans, boat, vacation homes and stand-alone systems. Important notes to the individual modules, charge controllers, mounting systems, inverters or complete systems can be found on this website. For planning a solar installation simply use the planning sheet.

Self-sufficient solar power plants with customized solar panels for very special applications from SOLARA

Special designs for stand-alone systems from SOLARA. Absolutely reliable power supply e. g. for measuring stations, emergency phones, maritime signals, and large battery storage.



Our solar modules for individual off-grid or stand-alone systems are tested for quality and longevity in accordance with internal standards.


To ensure that the solar system always produces enough electricity, it must be designed professionally. We tailor the photovoltaic system exactly to your specific needs, the site and your consumer behavior or power requirements individually. Use our detailed planning sheet for your required solar system. More information is on the page Industry and Stand Alone Systems.

Production in the Hanseatic city of Wismar, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - Quality Made in Germany

A look into the highly automated production facility for SOLARA solar panels
A look into the highly automated production facility for SOLARA solar panels

We can also tailor SOLARA solar panels to individual designs, dimensions, voltages (volts) and currents (amperes).


However, such custom-made products are only available in larger quantities and for commercial customers. We will gladly make you an offer.


More information on the page Industry or Contact us!


New: Video from the mobile solar module "Power Move"

Solara S series now with even more power!

Through consistent development, we have been able to develop all framed modules of the S-series with up to 10 watts more power. For the same price and dimensions! 

The proof of Solara-quality

VW bus with solar panels
VW bus with solar panels

For over 17 years and 350,000 km across Europe trouble-free and maintenance-free.

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Sea sign with SOLARA

Buoy with solar power
Buoy with solar power

Unique yaw ferry across the Elbe only with SOLARA solar power.

SOLARA super Solarmodule for Camper and RV to shadow the car for maximum indipendent power
SOLARA Power Mobil Plus - shadow in the car and power for the battery

Product news and updates 2017


New Solarmodules with fantasic Power and use. Read more »

SOLARA super flat Solarmodule for Camper
SOLARA Power M-Series

New this Season - the SOLARA Power M-Series


Extremly flat and powerful solar panels for campers. Read more »

Tsunami Boje - SOLARA
Tsunami Boje - SOLARA

Solar panels help

rescue life.

Since eight years solar panels supply electricity under extreme conditions in the Indian Ocean for early detection of tsunamis.

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Product of the Month

high tech mobile Solarmodule from SOLARA with new glas glas technology




Unique SOLARA solar panel has been processed in tempered solar glass on the front and back .


Top quality for professionals, RV, Camper, sailboat, stand alone system use.

  • Solar module with 36 high-performance solar cells
  • Strong and seawater resistant aluminum profile frame
  • Novel glass / glass technology
  • Particularly robust and walkable to 18,000Pa

Certification and tests

SOLARA getestet und zertifiziert
  • Mechanical stress testing
  • Weather resistance of the cell embedding
  • Climate test the entire module
  • Seawater resistance test
  • Degradation test
  • Test on micro fault of the cell
  • Testing the stability of soldering
  • In house testing in our own facilities

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