You can obtain SOLARA products from our authorised specialist dealers, workshops and installers worldwide. In many cases you will also find in-depth information, optimal design and planning of your SOLARA solar power system, as well as professional installation.


We would be happy to tell you our specialist dealer in your area. Please let us know for which application you need a solar power system so that we can name you a specialist dealer.

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Below is a selection of SOLARA dealers* with an online shop. Here you can order our products immediately online.

SOLARA Dealer online shops

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Online shop in the Netherlands with a wide variety of SOLARA products:

SolarBen specialises in the development, supply and installation of high-quality mobile energy systems for the professional and recreational market.


Our sales staff and system designers are experts in the field of electrics, electronics and solar energy. We ensure that you experience as much comfort in your free time as at home.


Our company has many years of experience, which means that we have an enormous knowledge of the matter, and you will always receive the right advice from us. For example, do you have questions about the electrical installation on your sailing yacht, in your motorhome, jeep, bus, cabin, holiday home or mobile home? Then we are happy to give you an appropriate answer. In addition to advice on your new or existing installation, we are of course happy to supply you with the necessary system components. You can contact us for an inverter, battery charger, multi or multiplus, all types of batteries. SolarBen Delivers top brands such as: SOLARA solar panels (dutch webside) Victron & Studer battery chargers and inverters. Finally, we would like to inform you that you do not only buy equipment from us, you also buy added value in the form of excellent advice from people with extensive product knowledge and you also ensure excellent service.

Online shop in the USA with a wide variety of SOLARA products:

Coastal Climate Control Inc. is a leader in the fields of marine DC solar power generation, storage, and management.  Our experts have over 25 years experience.

Online shop in France with a wide variety of SOLARA products:

Specialist in electricity and marine computing. Based in Saint Malo, we are distributors in France of SOLARA solar panels (specially designed for isolated sites). If you want to upgrade your electrical installation, we can offer you a full service, including installation, through our network of partners.

Online shop in Denmark with a wide variety of SOLARA products:

INTERCAMP A/S is a company that operates an agency trading in caravans and a wholesale company with equipment and accessories in the Danish camping industry. We have a broad approach to the camping industry and are a well-respected player for many years, actually dating back to 1981. You can find even more information about what we are doing and our philosophy on our website.

Online shops in Sweden with a wide variety of SOLARA products:

KAMA Fritid AB is one of the Nordic region's leading accessories wholesalers in the caravan and motorhome sector and has for many years a well-developed cooperation with Europe's leading suppliers in the field of caravans, motorhomes, camping and leisure.


The head office is located in Tenhult, Sweden, near Jönköping from where they process the Swedish and Norwegian markets. KAMA has subsidiaries in Tampere, Finland. The central warehouse in Tenhult, with over 7500 sqm of warehouse space, contains more than 9000 different accessories and where Tenhult's favorable geographical location in combination with rational inventory management enables quick deliveries to our retailers. Sales are done through our dealers located throughout the country. 

Watski is the leading boat accessories wholesaler in the Nordic region. Watski distributes leading brands and products under Watski's own brand. The products are sold through our retailers and partners around the Nordic and Germany.

Online shop in the UK with a wide variety of SOLARA products:

Barden UK, a family business, was established in June 1994 as a complete battery specialist.

Initially aligned with several high quality battery brands, Barden soon began significant growth year on year into many different markets.

This growth enabled Barden to invest more into expanding our product range and ensuring we could become one of the leading suppliers of batteries and DC electrical components.

Today we supply batteries, chargers, inverters, solar and a range of cables, fuses and switches. These products are sourced from some of the finest manufacturers worldwide and sold throughout the UK and Europe.

Founded in 2009, Leading Edge is a British designer and manufacturer of efficient, quiet and reliable small wind turbines. We also have the expertise to specify and supply entire off-grid remote power systems using our wide range of high performance solar panels.

Suppliers of quality parts and accessories to caravan, motorhome and leisure vehicle manufacturers. Also supplying to American RV service centres and the emergency services vehicle conversion market.

* Specialist dealers who are not listed here but should still be there, please contact us.