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We have known for 20 years from using stand alone systems for all applications. Therefore, we know what customers need. Our competitive products and good margins are your success and profit. Our customers appreciate since our company was founded in 1996th

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SOLARA super Solarmodule for Camper and RV to shadow the car for maximum indipendent power
SOLARA Power Mobil Plus - shadow in the car and power for the battery

Product news and updates 2017


New Solarmodules with fantasic Power and use. Read more »

SOLARA roll up
roll up

The eyecatcher for the shop – our SOLARA standee.

Show your solar expertise in an efficient manner. Read more »

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Even after the successful sale of our solar modules sold by you or installed solar system, we are at your side. We have spare parts if necessary for you and if there is any question or an extension is desired. Due to our extensive experience, we can each challenge often cleared rapidly or jointly provide a solution with you. Our technical support provides telephone support and online world.


As our authorized dealer, please contact us at any time for individual support for your success. Our products are selling successfully. Thanks to the best quality there is practically no complaints.

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In the last 20 years we have realized thousands of solar power systems. We know what we are talking about and offer our knowledge for your customers. We have for years satisfied customers worldwide the foundations of our actions.