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Electricity also in your favorite place

Solar energy for your summer house from SOLARA

Not every vacation home is connected to the power grid. Garden houses or huts at some mythical lake or the most beautiful part of the world must therefore rely on other sources of power. The SOLARA modules for power generation make the roof of your cottage for reliable energy supplier for everything that makes up the comforts of home. The electricity supply with a photovoltaic system by SOLARA makes you permanently independent from the local grid. So you can enjoy your free time in your idyll without the amenities for which electricity is needed.  Whether refrigerator, lights, computers, televisions or the charging of mobile phones:

With our individually tailored to your daily requirements high-performance solar cells can generate enough electricity for your holiday home as you need for the respective devices.


We will gladly advise you in selecting the appropriate solar system for you. Important information about modules with frames and flat modules without frames, charge controllers, mounting systems, inverters or complete systems can be found on this website. For planning a solar installation simply use the planning sheet.

This is how a solar power plant works

We have equipment for any needs

Unlimited energy without grid connection is the motto. Solar panels for your holiday or summer house with matching charge regulator and indicator you produce the power you need without sacrificing comfort. Enjoy your freedom.

Solar technology by SOLARA is simple and provides:

  • high quality of service before and after purchase
  • best material quality and processing
  • high yields and long-term guarantees
  • High-quality additional components from premium manufacturers


The working mechanism of a SOLARA-solar power plant:

Working mechanism of a SOLARA solar power plant

For your summer house you need as shown in the drawing:


  1. A SOLARA-module (e.g. S-Series) for energy production
  2. A cable tunnel (Art.-No. DD1, in white) for the cables to go through your roof without leaking
  3. A charge controller with LED-panel for monitoring the battery and charge and also for battery overload and back going electricity
  4. A UV-resistant cable to connect the solar panel with the charge controller and the battery
  5. A mounting system to mount the solar panels
  6. Optionally: an inverter for 230 Volt current

SOLARA® for your vacation home

Before deciding on one of our solar modules initially recommended a thorough examination of the conditions. The energy requirements for your holiday home results primarily from the number of users, the size and so connected the existing consumption points. You should answer the following questions:


  1. Are you mostly alone or with the whole family in the house?
  2. Do you use the house just in the summer, every weekend or the whole year?
  3. Where is your house geographically? (Sunny days and sunlight intensity are very different depending on the latitude)

Simply fill in our planning sheet – then we can offer you the right system.

The planning sheet is used to query all the relevant information and maps the base of your future solar installation.

The SOLARA planning sheet

SOLARA solar power plant planning sheet

Stand-alone photovoltaic systems (e.g. for cottages) are as individual as their users. To fulfill their purpose reliable they have to be planned exact and adapt to the specific needs, the installation area and the consumer behavior.

Such systems include a solar plant and equipment (charge controller and inverter), which ensure that the energy is stored locally in batteries and the loads are supplied with 12 or 230 volts AC.

SOLARA planning sheet
Adobe Acrobat Document 466.4 KB

In three steps to the SOLARA-set for your vacation home

Step 1: Determination of your daily power requirements

You get a reliable guideline for your daily usage. List the individual components of your home – for example: light, radio, freezer – like the chart down below. Afterwards you multiply the rating with the usage time. The sum of all your devices is the daily power usage.

Device Power Rating Operating time/day consumption/day
Radio 15 watt 4 hours 60 Wh/d
Color-TV 40 watt hours 120 Wh/d
12V SAT Receiver 40 watt 3 hours 120 Wh/d
Lamps 10 watt hours 50 Wh/d
Compressor fridge 50 watt 6 hours 300 Wh/d
Totally daily requirement  650 Wh/d

Step 2: Selection of the SOLARA panels for yor daily power requirements

SOLARA solar modules installed as a canopy at the vacation house
Solar modules mounted as a canopy

With the daily requirement in this example you need during the summer month a solar module with approximately 160 Wp (Watt peak = maximum power)

We recommend for example a SOLARA S-class solar module with the familiar SOLARA quality.

  • Module power up to 250 Wp
  • High-performance solar cells with very good low light performance
  • Hardened special glass that resists even the snow, ice and hail
  • Stable aluminium frame for easy mounting
  • 26 years performance guarantee "Made In Germany"

Step 3: Choose the right charge controller for your solar module

Solar modules need a good charge controller so that the battery will not be damaged by being overcharged or a backflow occurs.


Just multiply the nominal output of the solar module and select the matching charge regulator with the corresponding module output.


We recommend the MORNINGSTAR-CONTROLLER with epoxy resin encapsulated printed circuit board. The controllers are microprocessor-controlled, have an automatic switch for 12 or 24 volts and can also charge gel batteries! Ideal with a temperature sensor, a deep discharge safety, a controlled characteristic with PWM charging, electronic fuses and 5 years warranty.


For extra yields of 15 to 20% per day, we recommend the MORNINGSTAR MPPT CONTROLLER. Optimal for the Solaramodules with more than 36 solar cells in the module.


We also recommend a SOLAR LED indicator for your battery status.

All solar modules, charge controllers, various accessories and lots of information in our catalogue here to view or download

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