Solar for autonomous systems, off-grid systems, stand-alone systems

There are still many regions of the planet are not electrified. About two billion people on earth have, according to statistics, currently no access to a regulated power supply. But without electricity also in emerging and developing countries today nothing works: schools, offices, hospitals and all communication via mobile networks or Internet work only on the basis of a reliable power source. Here the SOLARA stand-alone systems also referred to as OFF-GRID SYSTEMS; accomplish an important contribution to electrification of remote regions by autonomous power supply.

The SOLARA stand-alone system for places without electricity

Stand-alone systems by SOLARA

SOLARA is specialised in customized OFF-Grid solutions for different needs and requirements. These complex systems still include in addition to the solar system, a charge controller and an inverter. So it is possible to store solar energy locally in batteries and to provide consumers with 12 volts DC or 230 volts AC.



Solar modules, components and complete photovoltaic systems by SOLARA come everywhere to use where no reliable electricity grid is available: in remote areas of the earth, at sea, in technical facilities, in traffic control and telecommunications systems.


Stand-alone systems by SOLARA are designed to withstand even greatest climatic stresses easily. They are extremely durable, flexible, and make use of the light even in unfavourable conditions optimal for the production of energy.


To ensure the quality and performance of the SOLARA products, the modules and mounting systems are manufactured in Germany.


Each solar module is tested with strict quality standards under ISO conditions and is ISO certified. After production each module is measured under internationally recognised STC standards and is registered with an individually and fixed serial number.

Small stand-alone system with six SOLARA solar modules

Ralf Z. from the Upper Palatinate send us the following pictures, taken with his drone, of his new self-sufficient off-grid solar power system with 140 V inverter for watering the plants on his property.


All photos by Ralf Z. approved for use.
All photos by Ralf Z. approved for use.

The solar modules produce a direct current that charges the batteries. The two 12V solar modules are connected in series to charge the 24V batteries with sufficient voltage. An inverter converts the direct current from the batteries into 230V alternating current. Fuses, switches, etc. complete the exemplary installation.


The electrical components on the installation panel from the top left to bottom right:


  1. EATON DC-switch
  2. Dehn overvoltage protection (DC)
  3. photos inverter
  4. A small distribution board (AC) with RCD and fuses for sockets
  5. Equipotential bonding bar (bottom left)
  6. A small distribution board (AC) with the fuse for generator connection
  7. CEE 3-pole for generator connection
  8. NH fuse switch-disconnector for batteries
  9. 4 c 12 V batteries (48 V system)

This is how a solar power plant works

SOLARA stand-alone of off-grid systems of the latest generation

SOLARA Mini-Grid-System

SOLARA stand-alone systems, also known as off-grid systems are ideally suited for rural electrification in emerging and developing countries due to their flexibility.
For example our MINI GRIDS are scalable up to 300 KW and provide reliable and durable electricity even to entire communities.

Also already electrified areas where the public grid due to a congested or ailing network structure fails often for days or hours build on SOLARA.

With our SOLARA backup systems downtime or supply gaps can be bridged at any time.

We have equipment for any needs

Principle of operation of a SOLARA solar power system

Even in the low power range, reliability is a crucial criterion. Whether mountain hut or measuring station it often takes just a little solar system to ensure a power, even without complicated inverter. These small DC-coupled systems have the advantage that they can be transported quickly and easily and yet they are able to provide power for lights, radio, TV, cooling, etc.


Moreover, the systems build a solid basis for more complex systems. The modular design offers maximum flexibility. Other components can be integrated with increasing demand for energy at any time later.

Solara solar systems - solution for every application



Whether it's a traffic sign, a radio mast, a sea marker or a hospital at the end of the world. No matter what the application, electricity is becoming increasingly important and SOLARA solar systems provide precisely this energy. Thanks to many years of experience, our engineers can plan exactly the solar system that your application needs. With us, you get everything from a single source. Solar modules, electronics, batteries - everything is individually planned and tailored to your needs.




Our customers are satisfied because we deliver durable and reliable solar systems. We always use the latest technologies and materials in our systems to make our systems better and more powerful.




Professional products are required to meet professional demands. Our suppliers are not only leaders in their respective fields but have been our partners for many years. Our strong brands are backed by a wealth of experience, short communication channels, fast help and quick availability - usually directly from stock.

The SOLARA planning sheets – simply fill it out, send it to SOLARA and we send you an offer!

Planning sheets SOLARA solar power plants

Stand-alone photovoltaic systems (e.g. for cottages) are as individual as their users. To fulfill their purpose reliable they have to be planned exact and adapt to the specific needs, the installation area and the consumer behavior.

Such systems include a solar plant and equipment (charge controller and inverter), which ensure that the energy is stored locally in batteries and the loads are supplied with 12 or 230 volts AC.

SOLARA planning sheet
Adobe Acrobat Document 466.4 KB

Solar energy for places without a grid connection from SOLARA


Power supply of the German embassy - SOLARA

Power supply during power failure

German embassy


PV system size: 5.7 kW

Products: Centrosolar (now called SOLARA) Excellent modules, SMA Sunny Backup, Hoppecke batteries

Location: Vientiane, Laos

Solar energy SOS Kinderdorf - SOLARA

Solar energy SOS children village - SOLARA

Net metering

SOS Kinderdorf


PV system size: 60 kW

Products: Centrosolar Excellent modules, SMA inverters

Location: Mombasa, Kenya

Power supply of a hospital ward - SOLARA

Power of a hospital ward

Hospital and patient building


PV system size: 9.1 kW

Products: Centrosolar (now called SOLARA) Professional, SMA Sunny Iceland, Rolls batteries

Location: Irrawaddy Delta, Myanmar

Power supply for a village Power Hybrid System - SOLARA

Village Power

Hybrid System


PV system size: 150 kW and 50 kW

Products: Centrosolar (now called SOLARA) Professional modules, Sunny Iceland, Hoppecke batteries

Location: Kolondiba, Mali

Power supply for a shelter in National Park - SOLARA

Power supply a shelter

Shelter in National Park


PV system size: 0.50 kW

Products: SOLARA S-Series modules, Morningstar charge controller

Location: Retezat National Park, Romania

Power supply for a weather measuring - SOLARA


Power supply a measuring station

Weather data acquisition


PV system size: 0.75 kW

Products: SOLARA S-Series modules

Location: Tien Shan mountains, Kyrgyzstan

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