Solar for independent industrial goods, devices, instruments, island systems, off-grid-systems and stand-alone systems.

A multitude of products and devices have to be supplied with electricity independent of the grid. Ether there is no grid connection available or the connection is too expensive and extravagantly. On top of that there are over two billion people on the earth without acces to the regular grid.

But without electricity many modern devices don’t work. Ticket machines, illumination as well as the communication in its function from mobile to internet only works on the basis of a reliable powersource. SOLARA solar pannels and complete stand-alone systems can provide the power necessary. SOLARA has high quality and affordable solutions for solar electrification. We have independent solar electricity for locations without the needed power connection or in remote areas.

We have equipment for any needs

In small performance range, reliability is also a crucial factor. It does not matter if it is a small shed in the mountains or a measuring station; often a small solar power plant is sufficient, even without complicated inverters, to have a secure poversource. Those small DC connected systems have the advantage that they are installed very fast and are easily portable, even with the ability to provide energy for light, radio, TV, cooling, etc...
On top of that is this equipment is the basis of complex systems. The, modular build gives the maximum of flexibility. Further components can be added in the future with growing needs.

The SOLARA stand-alone-systems for equipment without grid connection

SOLARA is specialized in custom off-grid-solutions for many different needs and uses. Those complex systems have, in addition to the solar panels, a charge regulator and an inverter. This way it is possible to store the solar energie locally in batteries and supply the device with 12 Volts DC or 230 Volts AC

SOLARA quality since 20 years

Solar modules, components and complete systems by SOLARA are used everywhere there is no reliable power source. In remote areas of the world, on the sea, in technical facilities, in traffic control systems and in telecommunication systems.

Stand-alone-systems by SOLARA are constructed in such a way, that they can withstand the highest climatically stress. They are robust, flexible in use conditions and use the provided sunlight even in unfavorable conditions optimally for energy production.

To ensure the quality and efficiency of the SOLARA products, the modules and mounting systems are produced in Germany. Each solar panel is tested and certified with strict quality standarts by ISO conditions. After completion each solar panel is measured individually under international recognized STC conditions and gets a unique and unchangeable serial number.

Custom solar panels for special uses by SOLARA

Custom build for stand-alone-systems by SOLARA. We have produced solar panels, for individual off-grid or island-systems, and tested with international standards on quality and a long life with experience of 20 years.

We can also manufacture SOLARA solar modules in customized designs, dimensions, voltages (Volt) and current (Ampere). However, such custom-made products are only available in larger numbers and for commercial customers. We will make you an offer. We happily make you an offer.

Production in the Hansestadt Wismar, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - quality Made in Germany

The factory is the most modern and qualitatively leading manufacturer of solar modules in Europe. The solar module factory has established itself as a quality leader in the past 25 years. Key figures from the last 25 years of production underline this very clearly: Uptime :> 90%, deadline met: 99.5%, complaints: 0.02%

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