Solar systems, solar modules, charge controllers, inverters and complete solar power systems for mobile homes, motor homes, campers. Solar power from SOLARA for stand-alone systems, independent power supply for mounting on the roof of panel vans, vans and

Solar for mobile homes - Solar power for your camper

Solar modules for motorhomes & campers robust & durable. Ideal solar system also for motorhomes, vans and off road vehicles for retrofitting. Solar systems for campers or motorhomes from SOLARA for Independent power supply with solar power Made in Germany
Julia L. on Curacao with her new SOLARA solar panel Vision for her sailing boat. SOLARA Vision glass/glass solar modules are, as you can see, absolutely robust and are lots of fun!


Julia L.:


"Yesterday our new solar panels arrived ☀️ We chose the Vision panels from SOLARA because they are particularly robust and therefore perfectly suited for the extreme conditions at sea.  🌊


We already had two of these panels for a year, now we are adding another two. In total we will have 640 watts of solar power and our Insieme will be a lot more self-sufficient. 💪💪"

There is a large selection at SOLARA - complete sets, mobile solar modules, lightweight, flexible solar panels without frames, solar panels with frames, mounting systems, charge controllers, accessories and much more. - Quality made in Germany!

complete solar system with solar module, charge controller, assembly material. All tests passed for RV, camper, van and caravan. From 120 to 320 watts. For 12 and 24 volts. Complete set for easy installation on the camper, campervan and van.
Solar complete sets

Complete sets with solar panel, charge controller erc.

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Mobile solar modules, light, flexible, clippable for mobile power supply. Ideal for campers, motorhomes & vans. Mobile solar modules in your pocket with 100 watts for 12V batteries in VW Bus, Vito, Viano, Ducato, Fiat, Carfter and Mercedes. Passed tests!
Mobile solar modules

Mobile solar modules. Compact, foldable, robust more »

High-performance solar modules without frame for 12 volts. Solar modules with 12 watts, 27 watts, 41 watts, 55 watts, 80 watts, 115 watts, 105 watts, 120 watts, 150 watts passed all tests. Ideal for sticking on the camper, van, motorhome & off road landy.
Solar panels without frames

Solar panels without frames. Light, flexible, walkable, adhesive-able more »

Solar moule with frame - Made in Germany! Solar modules for charging 12 volt batteries with 125 watts, 160 watts, 95 watts, 120 watts, 190 watts, 110 watts. Ideal for campers, motorhomes, caravans, coaches and vans. Simply on the roof. Test very well!
Solar panels with frames

Solar panels with frames. Robust, powerful, up to 190Wp more »

for easy installation of solar modules on the roof of caravans, motorhomes, vans, campers, and coaches. ABS holding spoiler in white and black, roof openings for the cable and adhesive sets for sticking the holding spoiler on the motorhome.
Mounting systems

Mounting system. ABS-holdings spoiler, roof grommet more »

Charge controllers from SOLARA, Votronic, Victron and Morningstar. For solar systems up to 700 watts, 12 volts and 24 volts. With LED display, MPPT tracking and overcharge protection. For lithium batteries, lead acid batteries, gel batteries, AGM batterie
Charge controller and remote meter

Charge controller and remote meter with various functions more »

Free and flexible with solar panels by SOLARA

Solar power for on the go, solar systems and charge controllers for campers, motorhomes, vans, off road from SOLARA. Made in Germany!

On the road in your camper you can drift away and drive where ever you want. Even in the deepest wild without any connection to the grid thanks to SOLARA-modules you don’t have to give up your stable power source. The drink in the evening, whether beer or white wine, is definitely well chilled – the photovoltaic modules on top of your mobil home will take care of that.


With our SOLARA-modules for your camper you get

  • Proven solar technology for over 20 years - Made in Germany
  • Top material quality - excellent workmanship - with long-term guarantees
  • Particularly high electricity yields e.g. with back-contact high-tech solar cells with optimal low-light performance (even under diffuse light)
  • Tested under the toughest conditions and passed every test!
  • Matching charge controllers and inverters from premium manufacturers with a 5-year guarantee
  • Service whenever you need us - test us!

Jesper from Denmark is thrilled by his new solar system with solar module from SOLARA

A solar installation with high-end solar modules and high-performance solar cells for more solar power from the Power S-series. Jesper sent us wonderful pictures and a beautiful video. More of his experiences from his homepage, in Danish:

With Solar Pothole Rodeo 2018 - Experience Report Team #106 Bullivers Travel and SOLARA Solar System

A Car-rally from Austria with a VW-bus and solar power plants ontop of the roof across Hungary, Carpathians, Moldova to the Black Sea. Back with sufficient solar power over Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia with destination Split.


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Satisfied with SOLARA solar panels since 2001

Solar has been trouble-free and maintenance-free for over 17 years and 350,000 kilometers across Europe - time-term test under the toughest conditions

SOLARA solar modules on the VW bus, camper, van, panel van or expansion vehicle. The solar modules have been providing reliable power for on-board supply since 2001. Solar power with flat solar modules for light, refrigerator, television and computer.
Thomas Kees with his camper - since 2001 satisfied with SOLARA

SOLARA solar panels on the VW bus or camper, van or removal vehicle. Since 2001, the solar panels reliably supply power for the on-board supply. Solar power with flat solar power plants for light, refrigerator, TV and the computer.


 "Since my first steps in life, I am vacationing in this family bus with solar power. The solar panels were already mounted on the bus by my parents in 2001. Until today, the solar modules work perfectly fine. Whether North Cape or Sicily, the solar panels have always supplied us with reliable energy or electricity.

Last year, I took the camper from my parents and the solar panels still provide me with the best services, or solar power. They have been running trouble-free and maintenance-free for 17 years and 350,000 kilometres across Europe.


Now I want to expand my 100Wp solar system, because I need more solar power. Of course I have opted for SOLARA again. I'm looking forward to the mobile solar panel to be able to camp autonomously for even longer."


Sincerely Thomas Kees

The great Freedom tested with solar.

Through Eastern Europe with the caravan and solar - Passed the test!

"... The return journey with the solar system on the roof of my caravan went through Riga, the Cape Kolka, Ventspils, Liepaja, Klaipeda and Palanga on the Curonian Spit to Nida. We then travelled along the Memel to Kaunas and later back home via Poland and always had enough solar power.


Thanks to the solar system on the caravan, 2/3 of the nights could be spent in the nature on hikers' car parks, on cliffs, lakes and rivers. For the other 1/3 of the nights we used campsites to fill up with water, dispose of waste and take showers. It was another unforgettable adventure trip - free and independent with solar power from the solar system. "


Peter Karcher

Solar module assembly on the roof - An experience report by Peter Karcher

A satisfied customer writes: "Thanks for the friendly contact to the fast delivery of the solar panels including accessories (solar assembly spoiler, roof duct & adhesive set). The solar panels fulfills my expectations in terms of performance & quality."

Dear Mr. Held,


Thank you for the friendly contact and the very fast delivery of the ordered solar module incl. accessories (solar montagepoiler, roof duct and glue set). The solar module was delivered on Friday around midday so I could mount the module on Saturday on my caravan according to instructions.

SOLARA solar modules are used wherever there is no reliable power supply available: on motorhomes and campers, as well as sailboats and yachts. Reliable electricity with solar technology for caravans worldwide.

Since I had no further help, I had to mount the solar module alone and have changed your instructions somewhat.


First I drilled the 4.5 mm holes in the two SOLARA spoilers for the solar module. Using these holes, the necessary drill holes of 3.5 mm are transferred to the frame of the module and drilled. In addition, I have inserted a total of 5 drill holes at the lower longitudinal sides of the module frame at intervals of 15 to 20 cm in order to be able to attach the solar cable and the MC4 solar plug with cable ties.

TÜV-tested, light and color-stable SOLARA ABS HOLD SPOILER SOLARA ABS hold spoilers in white and black are ideal for mobile homes, caravans, campers and vans. They are also an assembly system, wind deflector and absolutely safe solar module assembly.

The solar module I have glued with a cardboard on the surface to protect it during the further assembly and prevent the current is generated.


Then I put the module at the selected place and traced the edges of the roof passage and the spoilers with a felt pen on the roof.


This was followed by the sanding, cleaning and priming of all adhesive surfaces from the module, the roof duct and on the roof itself.


I put the glue directly on the caravan roof against your instructions and put the module only afterwards in the desired position.


For this I used an air mattress. This was pumped up slightly and once folded centred under the solar module. The module could be positioned very precisely at the desired position by carefully venting air. After the solar module was slightly pressed and the remaining air was removed from the mattress, this could be easily extracted from under the module.

Permanently waterproof SOLARA ABS ROOF INLETS The roof outlets are made from specially coated ABS material. A wide adhesive rebate and a watertight PG screw connection guarantee secure installation.

Now the cable lead-in applied, with an adhesive tape secured and then smothing out all adhesive edges with a wett finger.


I left it for 24 hours under the carport. On Sunday it then was extensively tested.

SOLARA controllers charge your battery with solar modules and, depending on the battery type, with a regulated characteristic. Solara guarantees high reliability, the latest technology and ease of installation. Low costs for high solar yield on motorhomes

As a solar regulator, I had already connected a PWR regulator from Schaudt, the LR 1218, to the Schaudt Elektroblock CSV 409 and operated a mobile, foldable 100 Wp solar panel.

Our SOLARA solar systems have proven themselves particularly well in the leisure sector: thousands of owners of mobile homes, caravans, vans or campers have been relying on tested, reliable solar technology from Solara for 20 years.

The build-up battery is a storage battery LITH-110 12.8V lithium iron phosphate with 110 Ah. Therefore, max. 220 Wp Solar connected to the solar controller.


The Solara module S480M36 has achieved a daily yield of 32 amperes (from 22 A - 20% to 54 A - 49% battery charge state). This means that the performance corresponds to your data.

Solar controller: Especially when the sky is overcast, when the light intensity changes constantly, an extremely fast SOLARA MPPT charge controller improves yields by up to 20%.

Next is the replacement of the solar regulator against a Mppt controller Victron Energy BlueSolar 75/15 and a Bluetooth dongle. I received from SOLARA.


Thanks again and regards

Peter Karcher

SOLARA Vision - A special product example from our extensive range

Solara Vision solar module, front and back made of hardened solar glass, walkable, salt water resistant, good low light behavior. Matching charge controller and mounting systems (holding spoiler) and adhesive set available
SOLARA S-Serie Vision - extrem robust!

SOLARA S-series Vision 110 watts (440 Wh/d*)

Unique SOLARA solar module with hardened special solar glass on the front and back.


  • Solar module with high-performance solar cells
  • hail-resistant and repelable
  • Strong and seawater-resistant aluminum profile frame
  • especially durable - 5 years warranty!

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This is how a solar power plant works

Are you interested in the idea of covering the power needs of your motorhome or camper in the future with a solar power system? Then you have come to the right place. With our simple guide you will get step by step to the optimal solar power system, which is ideally adjusted to your individual power consumption.

We have equipment for any needs

Functional principle of a SOLARA solar power system for motorhomes, campers or mobile homes with a solar module, charge controller, remote display, solar battery, inverter and consumer
SOLARA solar power plant

For your RV or caravan you need as shown in the drawing:

  1. SOLARAMODUL (e.g. S-Series) for power generation
  2. ABS-holding spoiler in an appealing white to securely mount the solar panel
  3. Specialized adhesive set for securely gluing the ABS-holding spoilers to to your vehicle roof
  4. Cable tunnel (Art.-No. DD1, in white) for waterproof and permanent routing of the cable from the solar panel to the charge controller
  5. Charge controller with LED-display for monitoring the battery and charge and also to protect the battery against overcharging and reverse currents
  6. UV-resistant cable to connect the solar panel with the charge controller and the battery


In addition you need a battery and possibly an inverter for 230V for household current, as long as they are not already on board. You can buy the components individually or as a SOLARA set.

In two steps to your SOLARA-complete-solar-power-system for your camper

Step 1: Determination of your daily power requirement

To find out how big your solar system should be for your motorhome, camper, van, caravan etc., you have to take a closer look at your consumers and their energy requirements. This depends on the number of devices, the power consumption of the device and the daily switch-on time. In addition, the number of people and the period of use within a year influence the energy consumption.


Sum up the energy consumption of your camper etc. according to the table below - the result is your daily power requirement (Wh/d, wtt hours per day). Depending on your consumption behaviour and the time of use within a year, this consumption should be more or less covered by the solar system.

Device Power Rating Operating time/day consumption/day
Radio 15 watt 4 hours 60 Wh/d
Color-TV 40 watt 3 hours 120 Wh/d
12V SAT Receiver 40 watt 3 hours 120 Wh/d
Lamps 10 watt 5 hours 50 Wh/d
Compressor fridge 50 watt 6 hours

300 Wh/d

mobile phone 5 watt 2 hours

10 Wh/d

tablet PC 10 watt 2 hours

20 Wh/d

Total daily requirement 680 Wh/d

*Wh/d = watthour per day

The outcome in this example: with a power consumption of 680Wh/d you would require in the summer time a solar panel of 160Wp (watt peak = maximum power) we recommend you a SOLARA complete system with SOLARA modules of the highest quality including optimized for that a quality-charge controller and a mounting system from our own research with TÜV-tested security.

Here you see a SOLARA complete set for the leisure usages. We have optimized it for different energy needs. Therefore, they are available in different designs and performance levels.


Please consider when choosing the set or module for your RV, when and how often you are on the track. When in doubt, the best way is to go with the next higher performance class than the estimated or an additional module. This gives you more energy security, and a faster charge.

Step 2: Selection of the SOLARA complete set for your individual daily power requirements

Based on the calculated electricity requiremen, select one of the following sets.


All SOLARA complete sets consist of high-quality SOLARA solar modules - Made in Germany, matching charge controlers, holding spoilers, mounting system with adhesive set for easy installation on the roof of a camper or motorhome, as well as with solar cables and understandable assembly instructions.

SOLARA Complete Sets

SOLARA Profi Pack. High-quality solar system complete with high-tech solar panel, Schaudt EBL charge controller, holding spoiler assembly system with adhesive set for reviving on the roof of a camper, as well as cables & detailed assembly instructions.
SOLARA Profi Pack
SOLARA Premium Pack. High-quality solar system complete with high-tech solar panel, morningstar charge controller, holding spoiler mounting system with adhesive set for livening up on the roof of a camper, as well as cables & detailed assembly instruction
SOLARA Premium Pack
SOLARA Power Pack. High-quality solar system complete with high-tech solar module, morningstar charge controller, holding spoiler mounting system with adhesive set for livening up on the roof of a camper, as well as cables & detailed assembly instructions
SOLARA Power Pack

Typ 1: Solar System with 100 Wp

  • Designed for a daily requirement about 400 Wh/d in summer
  • Suitable for small to medium sized campers
  • Usage period: april to september
  • Use: electricity for lighting, pump, radio, TV/SAT

Our recommendations for charging a battery set (e. g. on-board battery)

Our recommendations for charging two battery circuits (for example, load the starter battery and keep it fit, even during long standing periods) for example, board and starter battery:

Our recommendations for maximum power in a minimal area for charging a battery circuit (e.g. only on-board battery):


SOLARA Power Pack for motorhomes, campers, vans and panel vans, technically and optically perfect complete set. It stands for the latest back-contact cell technology with an efficiency of over 22%, and that with minimal weight and space.
SOLARA Power Pack

SOLARA power pack Art.-No. POP01 – high performance solar panels with 125 Wp and 555 Wh/d


The SOLARA Power Pack are technically and optically the most sophisticated complete sets currently available on the market. With a particularly elegant appearance. The solar module of the SOLARA Power S-series have the new back-contact cell technology and an increased number of cells. As a result, the solar module has a high charging voltage and is not shaded by conductor tracks on the front. Combined with a very high cell efficiency of over 22% and the enclosed MPPT controller, the power sets are one of the most profitable solar systems on the market. Click here for more information!


Typ 2: Solar system 100 - 200 Wp

  • Designed for a daily demand of 400 to 800 Wh/d in the summertime
  • Ideal for medium to large motorhomes
  • Usage period: all year
  • Use: power consumption by lightning, pump, radio, TV/SAT

Our recommendations for charging a battery circuit (for example, on-board battery):

Our recommendations for charging two battery circuits (for example, load the starter battery and keep it fit, even during long standing periods) for example, board and starter battery:

Our recommendations for maximum power in a minimal area for charging a battery circuit (e.g. only on-board battery):


SOLARA Power Pack for motorhomes, campers, vans and panel vans, technically and optically perfect complete set. It stands for the latest back-contact cell technology with an efficiency of over 22%, and that with minimal weight and space.
SOLARA Power Pack

SOLARA power Pack Art-No. POP02 or POP03 - with high performance solar panels with 150 Wp or 250 Wp and 705 Wh/d or 1110Wp

  • Module(s) of the SOLARA Power S-series with a black frame profile
  • MPPT charge controller, Victron 15 A / 20 A / 30 A, incl. Bluetooth for remote control via smartphone
  • ABS retaining spoiler, in black, specially coated, UV-stable, including screws
  • ABS roof duct, in black, for watertight cable ducting
  • Special adhesive set SOLARA FIX PACK for gluing the retaining spoiler and roof duct
  • Module connection cable with UV-resistant coating and MC4 connector system 

Click here for more information!


Typ 3: Solar systems with more than 200 Wp

  • Designed for a power consumption in the summer of more than 800Wh/d
  • Ideal for medium to large motorhome
  • Usage period: all year
  • Use: electricity for lightning, pump, radio, TV/SAT, air compressor, refrigerator
  • Recommended for charging two battery circuits (e.g. board and starter battery)

Our recommendations for charging two battery circuits (for example, load the starter battery and keep it fit, even during long standing periods) for example, board and starter battery:

Our recommendations for maximum power in a minimal area for charging a battery circuit (e.g. only on-board battery):


SOLARA Power Pack for motorhomes, campers, vans and panel vans, technically and optically perfect complete set. It stands for the latest back-contact cell technology with an efficiency of over 22%, and that with minimal weight and space.
SOLARA Power Pack

SOLARA power pack Art.-No. POP04 - high performance solar panels with 300 Wp and 1410 Wp/d


This SOLARA Power Pack is currently the most powerful complete set from SOLARA. The technical and optical quality is practically unique. The completely black solar module with matching holding spoilers and roof duct results in a particularly elegant appearance. The solar module of the SOLARA Power S-series has the new back-contact cell technology and an increased number of cells. As a result, the solar module has a high charging voltage and is not shaded by conductor tracks on the front. Combined with a very high cell efficiency of over 22% and the enclosed MPPT controller, the power sets are one of the most profitable solar systems on the market. Click here for more information!


More questions? - contact us:

You have questions or suggestions, would like to become a reseller or would like advice on a specific topic. SOLARA will be happy to assist you - just click on Contact, fill out the form and send it off.

Special solar panels from SOLARA for camper vans, vans, expansion vehicles etc. - top quality for over 20 years!

Solara solar modules without frame on a VW T6 California Beach Camoper. The light and flexible solar module is ideal for campers, vans, panel vans and camp buses. The flat solar modules are also suitable for yachts and sailing boats.
Foto: Martin Degener-Koziol, VW T6 California Beach


A short a real dialogue between a camper and SOLARA about the use of a flat and light solar panel for the roof of their camper



Good Morning,

ich would like to buy a foldable solar panel in order to charge the two on-board batteries in my VW T6 Beach. That is when I came across the modules from SOLARA.

My questions: 

- What are the main differences between the SOLARA Power Mobil with 102 Wp and DCsolar Power Flex with 110 Wp?

- The DCsolar panels has a little more power at a significant cheaper price. Why choose the 102 Wp model?

I am one of those people who like to pay more for quality if it also proves that longevity is sustainable. True to the motto: "It was always more expensive to buy something twice!" I look forward to your reply.



Thank you for you interest in our products. Our Power Mobil now also has 110 watts, the two modules no longer differ in this! Generally the Power Mobil solar panels are made in Germany and much more stable than the DCsolar Power Move solar module, which is produced for us in Asia. Here someone even can accidentally step on it and it does not matter, it is also fully seawater-compatible. It has a 5 year product guarantee compared to 2 years for the DCsolar Power Move.

The Power Mobile solar panel is intended for those who want to use the module almost every day for many years. The cable and charge controller are identical in both modules. 



Thank you for the quick and informative presentation. Then I know that the Power Mobile is the right choice for me. I assume that I still have to have a suitable 12V socket installed, since the regular cigarette lighter/12V sockets are probably not an option.



Thank you for your feedback. Yes, you can use the regulator on your existing cigarette lighter, it was developed for that.



I still have a question,

a) to the solar controller Fox 062. It is said that this would only be approved by the manufacturer up to 100Wp power. How do you see that?

b) the supply via the existing 12V sockets is not critical with regard to the cable cross-section of the VW T6 California Beach?



The charge controller can do a little more than 6V, which is also the maximum that comes from the solar panel, so that is not a problem. So far, we have sold countless solar systems in the past few years and there have been no complaints about this and most of the photovoltaic systems are used in vehicles like your camper.

In my opinion, the cable cross-section is not critical, since much more than 6A can also be taken from there. It is only necessary to check in advance whether the corresponding cabling has been changed or is still in its original condition.



So now I could finally attach the Power Mobile solar panel. Wonderful, eyelets are already attached - was not easy, but it fits. 

My question: What about using it in the rain? I am away for the weekend and will sleep in the bus. The Power Mobil solar panel is located on the roof of the camper and is attached to the C-rails. A thunderstorm threatens today. I assume that this should not matter to the solar panel and the plug on the panel (splash-proof). Correct? I like the module very much in terms of quality.



Thank you for the positive feedback. You can be easily leave the solar panel outside, it is fully suitable for sea salt water, so no problem.



thank you for the feedback. That was how I understood the information on your homepage. Attached is a photo from the weekend that you are welcome to use.

Particularly light and flat solar panels without frames

for your camper, caravan etc. where weight and flexibility are foremost - with a construction height of only 4mm!


SOLARA solar modules of the M-series and Power M-series are Made in Germany.

  • Perfect solar panels for direct mounting on the vehicle roof or boat deck.
  • Simply glue or screw on the solar module.
  • The SOLARA solar panels are absolutely accessible on stable ground.
  • The solar module surface (Nowolon) is non-slip and dirt-repellent like Teflon.
  • The coated aluminum sandwich carrier plate stabilizes the solar module and dissipates the heat.

Proven quality for over 20 years. Used and tested under the toughest conditions on marine signs, lifeboats, for cruising sailors and much more.

SOLARA Power M-series
Typ S505M34 S465M34 S525M35 S665M43
Average daily yield in summer Wh/d 505 465 525 665
Nominal power (Pmpp) Wp* 115 105 120 150
Weight kg 4.2 3.6 4.4 5.2


SOLARA M-series
Typ S50P36 S110P42 S170P43 S220P43 S320P41
Average daily yield in summer Wh/d 50 110 170 220 320
Nominal power (Pmpp) Wp* 12 27 41 55 80
Weight kg 0.9 1.7 2.2 2.8 3.7


*Performance at STC | Under standard test conditions STC (1000 W/m2, spectrum AM 1.5, cell temperature 25 °C)

As of 12/2018. All statements without guarantee. Technical changes reserved.

New catalogue - Solar technology simply explained and with all products

Everything about solar technology, solar system, charge controller & accessories from Solara in the current catalog.Solar power systems for mobile homes, campers, vans, sailing boats, garden houses & self-sufficient power supply wherever there is no power

The new SOLARA product catalogue "Solar power where I need it" is here soon. All necessary basic and product information about solar technology, solar systems, solar modules, charge controllers, mounting systems, roof guides and much more clearly in the solar catalogue. Solar technology for mobile applications.



All solar products and a variety of information for mobile solar technology, or systems and self-sufficient power supply such as for travel, motorhomes, camper, van and much more.

New solar charge controller from SOLARA for two independent batteries

With a solar system, the SOLARA controller can charge the living area and starter (motor) batteries at the same time. This ensures, especially with long idle times, that all batteries on board are fully charged with SOLAR.
SOLARA controller SR350DUO with extensive control, programming, safety and acoustic warning functions.

With the new SOLARA controller, the living area and starter (motor) battery can be charged simultaneously with the solar system. This ensures, especially with long idle times, that all batteries on board are fully charged. Excess solar energy can also be converted into a second, e.g. motor battery or even a LiFePo battery so no power will be wasted.


Modern four-stage PWM charging process with temperature compensation, external sensor and overcharge protection guarantees optimal charging. The large, very easy-to-read LCD display shows the energy flows and the state of charge of the batteries.


For technology enthusiasts, the new SOLARA controller SR350DUO has extensive control, programming, safety and acoustic warning functions. Thanks to the integrated data logger, all information can even be exported using the MXI adapter.


Novel touch buttons avoid mechanical switches that can lead to defects in the camper due to frequent vibrations.


The SOLARA controller has large 16 qmm connection terminals, is suitable for 12V and 24V systems up to 20A charging current and, due to its design, is also suitable as a built-in device. The electronics are completely encapsulated in a robust housing and thus protected against moisture. More here!

The latest mobile solar modules from SOLARA

SOLARA POWER MOBIL Plus 102Wp (409 Wh/d*) for Volkswagen models T5 and T6 as well as Fiat Ducato and Mercedes Vito

solara mobile solar module for the front window for shading with high-performance solar cells and matching charge controller
SOLARA solar modules in a practical bag for shading the windscreen or installing it next to the vehicle

Solar moduleOPTICS AND DESIGN - windscreen cover

  • Highly durable surface fabric with water-stop incorporation
  • Fully opaque and darkening
  • Extremely good insulating properties thanks to integrated insulating core made of extreme insulator (absolutely closed-pore foam)
  • Set up and take down quickly thanks to the innovative magnet system
  • Easy to clean and stow away, takes up little space

Solar module

  • Solar module integrated in the windscreen cover, but can also be used separately
  • Fast attachment of the solar module to the cover with Velcro
  • Particularly light-sensitive and high-yield solar cells with over 22% efficiency
  • UV-stable solar connection cable and cable outlet
  • Integrated theft protection for the entire solar system



  • Cable charge controller Fox 062, 6A (also suitable for lithium batteries), cable 5m
  • Cable lock (2m wire)


  • Extension cable (5m) with a Sure Seal plug

SOLARA POWER MOBIL solar module with 110Wp (485 Wh/d*)

Mobile solar module for campers, vans and panel vans, light, flexible and usable without assembly. With 110 watts of power and high-performance backkontakt Sunpower solar cells.
Mobile solar module in a robust bag for traveling



  • Flexible to use thanks to innovative all-round fabric edging
  • Zipper or Velcro connections can be retrofitted or fixing lugs can be set
  • Can be stowed away to save space thanks to the foldable module surface
  • Effective battery charging even when the vehicle is standing in the shade
  • No permanent assembly necessary





  • Solar module with extremely high current efficiency through the use of monocrystalline solar cells with rear contact with over 22% efficiency
  • High-yield solar modules in every season and also in diffuse light (low light)
  • UV-stable solar connection cable and cable outlet


  • 7.5m cable, on the module with plug
  • Charge controller integrated in the cable


The magazine Reisemobil International 09/2019 concludes in its test:



With the Power Mobil, SOLARA is introducing a high-performance, very high-quality solar panel at a fair price ... ”Test Mobile Solar Panels, magazine Reisemobil Int. 9/2019

A selection of vehicles with solar panels from SOLARA

More information

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