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Nominal power: 110 Wp

Price: 899 euros


When folded, the Solara Power Mobil is almost square. When opened, the very stiff and stable module can be easily set up or hung on the handle or on one of the eight eyelets. Like Büttner Elektronik, Solara also relies on a controller integrated in the cable - anyone who has a charging socket in the vehicle is happy about the Plug'n Play solution - or the option of being able to use the module for several vehicles at the same time. Technically related to the Büttner controller, the Fox 062 is similarly powerful, but offers no adjustability for LiFeP04 batteries. The cable is extremely flexible, but at 5.5 meters it is a bit short. In terms of performance, the Power Mobil does not have to hide, in normal to hot temperatures it is on par with Swiss Solar and Büttner Electronics, and even takes second place in terms of yield per watt of normal power. Incidentally, Solara also delivers the module in combination with the front window mat for VW T5 / T6 and other vehicles. Then with only 102 watts of power. Super feature: A thin metal cable with a combination lock also comes as standard with Solara - effective protection against casual thieves. Eight-amp fuse integrated in the charge controller. Very convincing in terms of quality.

Conclusion: With the Power Mobil, Solara presents a powerful, very high-quality solar panel at a fair price. Controller cannot be set to LiFeP04.

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dcsolar-a-brand-of-the-solara-gmbh-solar-system-for-felxible-charging-the-battery-in-the-camper-camper-van-van-or-vw-bus-mobile-technology-with-foldable-solar module- and-integrated-charge controller-for-optimal-charging-the-on-board battery

Many thanks to DCSolar (a brand of SOLARA GmbH) for providing a mobile solar system! Whether during a break or, as in my case, during a forced break due to a breakdown in front of a workshop: in any case, you are supplied with enough energy to keep all telephones and / or the cool box functional. Since we can hardly get by without our electronic helpers, aka lifesavers. Nothing going without electricity!


As a special feature, the widely travelled (and much more extensive) solar system will be auctioned at the end of our Baltic Sea Circle Rally for SAGE Hospital e.V. - energy for a good cause, as we say!



AWARD 2019


1st Place 

in the equipment-category 

solar panels


ReiseMobil - Europe's competent trade magazine

Off road on tour

When: April 18, 2020


10 questions for ...

Frank Heise, SOLARA


What's new in 2019?

Particularly robust solar panels for special applications, e.g. our speciality is for marine signs, external measuring stations and of course off-road vehicles. That is why we are planning further glass-glass solar panels.


The next project?

Tailor-made solutions for different vehicles.


Which product was a hit so far?

Fortunately, we didn't have a so-called bum. Our fastening systems are an absolute hit.


When and how did you get off-road fever?

Adventure & 4WD 2014. It became clear to us that our robust solar panels are also ideal for off-road vehicles.


Which off-roader do you drive privately?

Offroad often and with pleasure on my mountain bike and while running. However, I don't (yet) have an off-roader.


And which one would you like to have?

A Defender or Toyota Land Cruiser. However, I have not yet committed myself. There is still considerable need for experience and advice.


If we were to send you on a trip now, you would go to ...

The balcony would definitely be my first travel destination.


Why should the customer come to you of all places?

We are certainly one of the solar companies in Germany with the longest and greatest experience of over 20 years! I personally have been in the industry for more than 20 years and vouch for our products so that they keep what we promise!


Your company in three words?

Experience - quality awareness - fast

Foldable sun catchers


Solara is showing two neu solar panels: two and three parts with 102 and 110 watts of power. They can be hung up or simply put on the floor. The high daily yield is achieved through the use of monocrystalline cells - even in diffuse light.

Detailed report and test of the new SOLARA Power-Mobil-Plus solar panel for the windscreen of various vehicles.

Tested: mobile solar system from SOLARA


As a rule, solar systems are permanently installed. However, a mobile solution can make sense in some cases - for example, if you usually spend the night with a power connection and only occasionally need more self-sufficiency, want to use the solar system with different vehicles, have no space on the roof or appreciate the option of installing the solar panel to lay in the sun, but to park the mobile in the shade. Especially when it comes to winter camping - where we tried out the Solara Power Mobil Plus set - there are two other advantages. The panel on the windscreen is easier to clear of snow than when installing on the roof. In addition, the sloping arrangement fits better with the winter sun position. The clever thing about the Solara-Set is the combination with an insulating mat for the windscreen. This is fixed to the windscreen frame with the help of a Velcro tape that runs through the drivers house and sewn-in magnets in the edge of the mat. The mat helps keep the warmth inside in winter and outside in summer. In addition, it has sewn on corresponding tabs into which the foldable solar panel can be inserted. An enclosed steel cable with combination lock also ensures that long fingers are deterred. The five-meter-long connection cable is connected to the panel via a plug and led through the rubber seal to the inside. The other end is simply plugged into one of the 12 V sockets in the body using a wired solar charge controller - alternatively, connection to a permanently installed charge controller is possible. During the practical test in the Allgäu region, the 102 W module managed to replenish the half full battery, according to the control board, to 75 percent over a sunny day. The Solara Power Mobil Plus Set is tailor-made for the VW Transporter, Mercedes Vito and Fiat Ducato. With a charge controller, it costs 1124.90 euros - a similar amount to a fixed installation.

Complete set with module and controller


Solara now also offers its solar power sets as a complete package with a Votronic charge controller. The Votronic solar controllers of the SR-series have overcharge protection and a recharge circuit when power is being used and are suitable for all types of batteries (acid, gel, AGM, LiFeP04). To visualise the solar power, an EBL-adapter cable for connection to the electro block in the vehicle is included in the scope of delivery. In addition to the charge controller, the set also includes a Solara solar panel and ABS retaining spoiler for roof mounting, as well as assembly instructions, an adhesive set, solar cable and roof duct. The complete set is available from 449 euros.

Unbuttoned: mobile solar panels from Solara

With their textile edging, the compact modules can be easily attached to sprayhood or bimini and just as easily stowed away


The panels are equipped with Sunpower solar cells on the back and are said to have an efficiency of over 22 percent. The output of the module assembly, which measures around 69 by 63 by 2.5 centimetres, is given as a 102 watt peak. This should allow a little more than 400 watt hours of energy to be gained on a summer day in our latitudes.


The attachment is possible with Velcro, zipper, eyelets or Tenax / LOXX buttons. The weight is given as 4.9 kg. The recommended retail price is 859 euros.


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Report in the magazine Reisemobil International about a Solara solar system charge controller for charging two batteries (e.g. motor battery and living area battery) with LCD display.

Electricity for two

Solara charge controller


The Solara charge controller SR-350DUO charges two batteries at the same time with a solar system - for example the living area and the starter battery of the motorhome. Different battery types such as AGM and LiFePO4 batteries can be charged at the same time. The four-stage charging process with temperature compensation, external sensor and overcharge protection should guarantee optimal charging. Users can read the energy flows and the charge status of the batteries on an LCD display. The SR320DUO also has various control, programming and acoustic warning functions. The controller is suitable for twelve and 24 volt systems with a charging current of up to 20 amperes. The electronics are encapsulated in the housing and protected against moisture, the controller is suitable for fixed installation. Price 169 euros.

Good combination


Self-sufficient camping enables the windscreen cover "Power Mobil plus" in combination with the MPPT charge controller. "The cover can be stowed away quickly, is opaque and can be had for 1199 euros. The charge controller is available from 36 euros.

Electricity for two

The Solara charge controller SR-350DUO charges two batteries at the same time with a solar system ...

Charge controller for 85 Voltage


Solara has a new charge controller for solar power systems in its range. The SR280E MPPT controller automatically adjusts the input voltage to the battery voltage. As a result, the solar system is to provide maximum performance and the battery is protected against overcharging and deep discharge. The charge controller has three LEDs that inform the motorhome about the charging status, battery voltage and the load status. The housing is completely potted and protected against moisture. The charge controller SR280E is designed for a maximum voltage of 85 volts and a current of 16 amps. The price is 130 euros. There is also a simple version with 12 volts and 16 amps for 36 euros. Both controllers are already available.

Strong double


The Power Mobil Plus from Solara is a solar panel and windshield cover in one. In this way, the vehicle is protected from excessive heating in summer and at the same time generates electricity. The mobile solar panel is suitable for VW T5 / T6, Mercedes-Benz Vito and Fiat Ducato and costs 1,299 euros. Thanks to its magnet system, the module can be quickly assembled and disassembled and easily attached above the windscreen. The Power Mobil Plus consists of two solar panels with a total of 102 Wp and weighs 7.1 kg. Also new at Solara: the SR280E charge controller. It automatically adjusts the input voltage optimally to the battery voltage, so that the solar system always delivers the maximum output. In addition, the MPPT charge controller protects the battery against overvoltage and deep discharge. Three LEDs provide information about the charging status, battery voltage and load status. The SR280E with up to 85 volts and 16 amps is available for 130 euros. A smaller version with 12 volts and 16 amps is available from 36 euros.

Charge controllers are the heart of a solar power system. The new Solara SR280E MPPT charge controller automatically adjusts the input voltage optimally to the battery voltage. As a result, the solar system can always achieve maximum performance.

Flat solar panels


Solara offers new, particularly flat solar panels. They are only three millimetres thick and weigh four to five kilograms. The flat design means that they should be easy to bend and, above all, should not generate any additional noise while driving. The panels are also equipped with a transparent and weatherproof, dirt-repellent special film. Advantage: They do not need to be cleaned and are not prone to falling rocks. So that the panel builds up enough voltage to charge the battery even at very high temperatures, Solara equips it with significantly more than the usual 36 cells.

In addition, the company deliberately does not use the silver conductor tracks on the surface of the cells so that more light falls on the monocrystalline high-performance cells. As a result, the solar panel should generate over 20 percent more electricity than conventional solar panels on the same area. The panel is available in three sizes with an output of up to 140 watts peak. In summer, it can generate an average of 560 watt-hours of electricity a day. The module costs 938 euros.

With solar cells on the sunny side


The new Solara S-series vision cells not only perform in bright sunshine, but also in diffuse light and in low-light months. The panels consist of 36 high-performance cells, which are inserted and accessible in a robust, seawater-resistant aluminium profile frame. Drainage holes in the frame prevent frost damage, a special film protects against scratches.

Press reports on the company's 20th anniversary

... at Walther Grauerholz, one of the three managing partners of Solara


The solar system specialist Solara celebrates its 20th anniversary. What was the biggest challenge in the two decades?

20 years ago, solar power generation (photovoltaic) for mobile homes was fairly unknown. There was great scepticism as to whether the then very expensive solar technology would reliably produce electricity for many years. We didn't promise too much at the time. Even today there are Solara solar systems that work reliably even under extreme conditions on mountain huts and sea markers. Today, simple assembly and high electricity yield are the most important. Solara has mounting systems and new high-performance solar panels with back-contact solar cells at affordable prices.


Solara sells its products worldwide, but remains loyal to German locations. What is the meaning of Made in Germany?

Those who use solar technology are mostly dependent on (solar) electricity. The most important thing is absolute reliability of all components. We can only ensure that with our production in Germany and our many years of experience.


The demand for solar systems for homes is dependent on the funding. Is the camping industry a good mainstay?

Our specialist dealers and motorhome owners exchange information about Solara products. Just because we have always delivered excellent solar technology has made it a very stable mainstay for us with good annual sales growth.


How will we see solar technology in the future? Would it be conceivable to integrate the panels into the body wall?

Solar power generation is becoming more and more individual, and the multiple benefits are becoming more important. Our latest solar module Power Mobile Plus is the best example. It can shade the windshield and produce electricity. If the vehicle is already in the shade, you can remove the solar panel and place it directly in the sun. Solar panels integrated in the vehicle are absolutely conceivable. The extremely flat, walk-in and semi-flexible M-series comes very close to that.

20 years of Solara


The success story with solar energy looks back on two decades of consistency. Solara, the Hamburg-based company, was founded in 1996 by Thomas Rudolph. After eight years in a shop for engineering products, he was infected with the solar virus. His version: “When my children are big, solar systems should be normal on mobile homes and even on houses.” Today they are indispensable on both.


With Solara's combination solution, energy is generated on the windscreen. While it is covered and isolated.


Combined solutions are always a good idea in a motorhome. Solar system specialist Solara connects a flexible solar panel with a cover mat for the windscreen in 2017. This set is called Power Mobil Plus.

The insulated mat was developed in collaboration with Projekt Camper and is completely opaque. It is attached to the window with magnets outside the vehicle. The solar panel is attached to the mat with a high-quality YKK zipper. The module produces 102 watts, the cable is routed anywhere in the vehicle and connected to the battery. It is also possible to change the angle of inclination of the solar panel without having to lift the mat off the pane. A security cable with combination lock protects the solar cell from occasional thieves.

The cover is ideal for winter campers when snow covers the solar cells on the roof. This year the set costs 1199 euros, in 2017 the price for the Power Mobil Plus rises from 1299 euros.

Conclusion: great idea. How much power the solar panel really brings could not be tested at the fair.

20 years of Solara


From the very beginning, Thomas Rudolph focused on off-grid applications when he founded Solara together with Hans Jacobs in 1996. Frank Heise, now a managing partner, was already there at the time. Expert advice made it possible to take away the initial scepticism from customers about the technology, which was initially still quite young - transparent depictions of the realistic yield did the rest. Customer experiences were in turn passed on to the producers. Solara entered international business just one year after its foundation. Soon the premises at the headquarters - a shop with office and warehouse in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel - became too small and the company moved to Hamburg-Altona. In 2001, the Solara solar power plant started production, which was set up with the support of the physicist Ralf Hennings. The Wismar production site soon employed over 200 people. After having teamed up with other companies for CentroSolar AG in the meantime, Solara is now performing independently again. The modules still come from Wismar and have proven their worth especially in off-grid applications.

20 years of Solara


The success story with solar energy looks back on two decades of consistency. Solara, the Hamburg-based company, was founded in 1996 by Thomas Rudolph. After eight years in a shop for engineering products, he was infected with the solar virus. His version: “When my children are big, solar systems should be normal on mobile homes and even on houses.” Today they are indispensable on both.