Product news and updates 2017

Solara Power Mobil - Series

Portable Power Mobil Series 102 Watt or 122 Watt

  • Portable, mobile module
  • Flexible in use due to full coverage by textile
  • Zipper or Velcro fixation, eyelets to be retrofitted
  • Space-saving due to foldable module
  • Effective charging when car is parked in the shadow
  • No fix mounting needed
  • Powerful and efficient even under low light conditions

RRP Solara Power Mobil S408M32, 102 Watt

RRP Solara Power Mobil S488M40, 122 Watt

Solara Power Mobil plus - Serie

Power generating window blinds

  • Solar module removable integrated in window blinds
  • Quick installation by zipper
  • Durable, waterstop cloth
  • Fully opaque and darken
  • Extremely high isolating due to integrated isolation foam
  • Quick installation with innovative magnets
  • Easy to clean and to store
  • Integrated theft protection

RRP Solara Power Mobil Plus S409M32, 102 Watt

Solara Vision S - Serie 100Watt

Now available in 100 Watt

  • Now available in 100Watt
  • Solar module with 36 high-performance solar cells
  • Robust, seawater-resistant aluminum frame
  • Extremely robust and walkable
  • Large, waterproof junction box with pre-assembled cable and solar grade MC4 plugs
  • Ammonia resistant
  • Salt water resistant
  • Hail proof

Solara S-Serie S410M36 Vision, 100 Watt