Extremly flat and powerful solar panels for campers

The new solar modules SOLARA are 3 mm thick and weighing only 4 to 5 kg. Due to the particularly flat design, they are easy to bend, fully accessible and do not generate additional road noise camper.


The surface consists of a novel highly transparent, weather-resistant and especially dirt-repellent special film from Upper Bavaria. Compared to conventional solar modules made of glass, the SOLARAMODUL no longer needs to be cleaned and a rockfall can not hurt him.

Even with the solar cells has not been saved. There have been installed than the usual 36 pieces, so that is also present at high temperatures sufficient voltage to charge the battery significantly more cells. It has also been dispensed with silver conductor tracks on the surface of the cells, so that more light falls on the monocrystalline high-power cells. In order for the solar module generates more than 20% more power than conventional solar panels on the same surface. SOLARA called the product therefore also Power M series.

There are three sizes with a capacity of up to 140Watt / peak. In summer you can thus produce an average of 560 Watt hours of electricity a day. The SOLARA Power M series is available in specialist stores from only € 938 -.